Maybe this will be the last in a series of posts I've been making about Babylon 5 lately, but I've never felt compelled to rewatch the show, even though it's been like 20 years. I remember it all so well still. I could tell you every episode where the Centauri tentacular genitalia appear without checking a wiki or anything.

If I had a friend who was watching it for the first time, I'd rewatch it with them.

I would be very annoying though. I'd be all like "See that? that slimy looking paper mache thing that he's using to peak at the other players' cards? That's his DICK!"

@srol it's possible i said very nearly this exact thing to my girlfriend at one point. not a personal best moment exactly.

@srol I'm in the process of watching through this show for the very first time, after being introduced to it by my partner.

They've done so much amazing world-building. Even the lesser "episode of the week" episodes are ridiculous and amazing. Like that time that Garibaldi discovered a sealed-off deck with a bunch of fanatics hiding inside from an insanely deadly creature. And he has to MacGuyver a gun out of a leaking steam pipe and some bullets in his pocket!
@sean That was honestly one of my favorites, just for how weird it was.

I got the impression it was disliked by most people.

Due to how weird it was, probably ;)

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