I really don't think "TV shows no one remembers but me" needs the high-priority memory status my brain seems to have given it.

I have really fond memories of Earth: Final Conflict season 1. It suffers a bit from being a very cheaply-made 90s syndicated TV show, but I think it had good ideas and a much smarter concept than a lot of its contemporaries.

I never watched the other seasons. The way season 2 began, with one of the recurring characters suddenly having an immaculate conception and giving birth to the new main character was too much for me.

Also, I think Earth: Final Conflict was the first TV show to have an accompanying online ARG.

In *1997* they were setting up fake websites for all the fictional organizations on the show. The Resistance and the Taelons would send out email press releases after each episode showing their spin on what had just happened. At the time I thought it was one of the coolest things I had ever seen.

@srol I thought I knew most turn-of the millennium Sci-Fi but I only have vague memories of it existing but now I find out: " It ran for five seasons between October 6, 1997 and May 20, 2002." WTF?

@srol hell yeah Dumbo's Circus!! I feel like that was the same era as the live action Winnie the Pooh?

@paeneultima Yeah, like late 80s, early 90s Disney Channel, which I feel was mostly low budget children's shows and made-for-tv movies

@srol Now I've got the Kids Inc theme song stuck in my head. What a glorious time???

@paeneultima Haha, I remember Kids Inc., but I was a little too young to get into it.

@srol if it's any consolation i absolutely remember dumbo's circus

@wolfteeth @srol Apparently some of it is considered lost media now? This doesn't stop the theme tune from haunting my waking hours at unexpected intervals, though.

@Ferrovore @wolfteeth This screenshot is the most HQ media from the show I've ever seen. Normally they look like a polaroid photograph of a VHS recording.

@srol the mysterious cities of gold here in France are a huge childhood staple of many adults

@Siph It's pretty obscure in the US. It only ever aired on Nickelodeon in the late 80s at a time when cable TV was pretty uncommon. I remember once I started going to full-day school, I couldn't watch it anymore since it aired at like 1pm on weekdays.

@Siph And also it had a Speed Racer-style dub, the kind where someone needs to be talking during every second because Americans cannot abide silence. I tried to rewatch some of it a few years back and it was intolerable.

@srol @Siph I always thought the thing with Speed Racer's dubbing was because the localisers didn't bother editing any of the animation for dialogue, but rather than have the lipflaps not match, they just had the voice actors cram in as many words as it took to account for every lipflap as best they could?

@Nine @Siph that definitely wasn't the case with the dub of Mysterious Cities of Gold as sometimes dialogue continued long after the character had clearly closed their mouth and stopped talking

@srol @Siph oh wow I forgot about that show, I used to watch it all the time. I remember Bots Master too what a weird show lol.

...okay here's one that's super friggin obscure though. I only remember there being ONE episode, it may have been a pilot that failed to become a thing because I could never find a damn thing about it, but in a similar vein to The Raccoons (which was a favourite of mine), there was The Meerkats. I barely remember it and what happened but, it existed I'm sure.

@Nine @Siph Botsmaster was weird because it had this schlocky style and the ridiculous "3d" parts, but it also had this cyberpunk plot where the villain was a dapper corporate executive who had the police on his side, which is not a level of nuance you often see in kids' cartoons from that era.

I don't think I remember The Meerkats at all, although I do remember The Racoons.

@srol @Siph yeah I think I might be the only person who watched it, hence why I never saw any other episodes because the execs were like "oh shit this got NO ratings. well... apart from one weird kid I guess, fuck it. can it."

@srol I could still at least hum the theme tune for Cities of gold.

@srol I can still sing the "Cities of Gold" theme song, although I'm pretty sure I have a lot of the words wrong.

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