Man, I still love the costumes from the 90s X-Men. I realize it's probably nostalgia influencing my better judgement, but they're so colorful and complicated. Every subsequent take on the X-Men look has tried to tone them down when they really should be going in the other direction.

One of the problems with the X-Men is that, unless you're a very committed fan who has consistently kept up with multiple book titles over the years, you probably have an idea of who is in the X-Men, and you're probably wrong.

I googled "current X-Men lineup" and the result said "Firestar, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Synch, Iceman, Havok, Forge, and Magik"

I don't know who Firestar, Synch and Magik are. I didn't think Havok and Forge were part of the X-Men. And I thought Jean Grey and Iceman were dead.


The outfits for this lineup are pretty tight actually. Love that the men of the X-Men are really embracing the plunging neckline.

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