I was 8 years old when I lived in Switzerland, but I still sometimes like to pull up the street my family used to live on with Google Street View. I can always find it because I remember the name of the tram stop across the street.


To my New Yorker eye, this Swiss street that has
A) a lane for car traffic each way
B) A lane for the tram each way
C) A parking lane on each side
is hilariously wide.

Despite living across the street from a fairly famous Roman Catholic church, my tradcath parents refused to take us to Mass there because they did not approve of the architecture.


You know I called my parents 'tradcath' in this post but they're probably closer to "center right" on the internal Catholic political spectrum. Some of my relatives make them look like hippies.

@srol honestly, i think this street is way too wide compared to most residential streets in japan or the netherlands, but as an LA resident this would be a vastly better use of our huge ass streets than six lanes of car traffic.

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