Back in the 90s, my family was going on a long car ride and my dad bought me an X-Men comic to read. I had been a fan of the X-Men cartoon and also collected Marvel trading cards, so I was really excited to have one of the comics for the first time.

But the comic left me very disturbed.

The plot of the comic is that Collossus and Kitty Pryde are kidnapped by Arcade, who believes Doctor Doom is going to be coming to kill him. He wants the two to protect him and says he has an army of robotic clones of the X-men that can help.

Sounds simple enough. But at one point Kitty Pryde says something that left me reeling.

"It's just like all the X-Men are all alive again."

And I'm just staring at the comic thinking ... the X-Men are dead?????


I remember feeling so out of the loop. I thought that when I had money and I could buy my own comics instead of having to rely on my parents, I'd read them all so I'd never feel this loss again.

Later, in my early 20s, when Marvel first launched its Digital Comics Unlimited site, I attempted to do just that.

That's when I learned ... most of these ... just ... weren't very good.

Also the Doctor Doom attempting to kill Arcade turned out to also be a robot and this was just foreplay between Arcade and his secretary who have some weird Homestuck blackrom thing going on.

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