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If you are interested in setting up your own Mastodon ebooks bot, I published the source code powering @shel_ebooks, @gaypow_ebooks and @crom_ebooks on Github as well as a guide to getting the bot up and running on a free Heroku app.


Don't need to know how to code, but you do need to be comfortable with the command line. PRs welcome, I am not very good at this sort of thing.

uhhhh I just realized that as-is, this will only work on botsin.space, that shouldn't be too hard to fix though.

@srol can I just run this on my raspi? don't wanna sign up for heroku tbh

@noiob It is pretty set-up around Heroku mainly because I'm an amateur programmer and that's mostly what I use. It relies on Heroku's postgres, redistogo and scheduler services so if you replace those with local alternatives you're golden.

@srol okay, I guess I'm gonna have to look into that

@srol how difficult would it be to adapt this to a more generalized bot shell

the ebooks stuff's gotten kinda old to me, like, I want to see better attempts at a similar theme

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