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Srol @srol

My () is hilariously out of date. My name is Patrick Hogan and I'm a journalist. I've worked a bunch of places, but I'm presently between the jobs (hire me). I wrote an intro to Mastodon last month for The Outline

I toot a lot about scifi/fantasy novels, video games and other crap. I've made several dumb bots: @FursonaAssignment @NintendoPowered @Energy_Forecast and I released a Mastodon ebooks bot you can use today!

@benhamill Of course there is, I only edited it four timesad;fasdfjas;dofijhaklwjuenbr;lsiudjfnhap;wiouehrjw[peoifjrhn wfasdf

There's an s missing on the github repo because--here's another thing you should know about me--I'm just no good

@srol awesome, but the github link does not work

@Energy_Forecast @NintendoPowered @FursonaAssignment @srol I am still trying to get the hang of this Mastodon. new to the platform. I am pretty much banished from Twitter so here I am.