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I don't understand the biology at work here (cw: candy aisle at store)

I was tagged in this meme like three years ago, and I think I'm finally ready to commit. You should do it too, if you feel like it.

There's actually an alt version of thos avatar which is a close-up of the face going blah blah blah. I liked the bouncing one better even if this one more accurately communicates my inability to stfu

(also I can't seem to post it without losing the transparency and the frames looping way too fast).

when ur emailing a cat

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I know a few songs about sunsets and lighthouses

It's silly, but I do get excited when I get to go on car ferries like the one I'm about to get on.

There also seems to be some disagreement between whoever made the subtitles and the original production on the English episode titles.

I forgot how much weird English there is in the opening song of Heat Guy J

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This is a service we provide to our readers where we occasionally comment on the weather in Massachusetts

The weather in Massachusetts is currently:


Homer Simpson

Roll20 helps your RPG group keep track of all the important details of your game.

I love these Bee and Puppycat backgrounds

Dear Bill Gates:
My dad grounded me because of your potty mouth computers.

Had a lovely day at the beach

You would think at some point in the future we'd stop designing ships that look ridiculous when not properly oriented in a gravity well.

Why is anyone friends with me?