The physical arrangement of this fight does look like a classic Final Fantasy battle screen

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I got a medallion shard. Two more and I can open the Shrine of the Silver Monkey

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AI-generated lyrics, Lemon Demon 

This actually feels more like a TMBG song to me

Take a prestige TV scene and put tiny question marks in front of the character and I die laughing.

I look like a chubby version of Josh Groban in Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812

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Selfie, new glasses 

Finally felt un-pile enough for a selfie showing off the new specs.

#5 - Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker soundtrack by Masayoshi Soken and team

#4 The Pull Of The Bulrushes (II) LP by Kid Chameleon

#3 Untenable by BAD MOVES

#2 Honey on the Hi-Fi by Townland

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NovelAI, gamer webcomics of the 2000s 

Here are the scripts to the first three comics I made on the subway. I wrote the first two lines of comics 1 and 3 (The "did you hear about" lines) and sometimes I forced it to start a new panel when it was getting long. Everything else was generated by NovelAI.

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Okay, from left to right, I recognize a fighter jet, a fighter plane, a B5 starfury, a Constitution-class starship, a Liberty-class MC80 Mon Calamari cruiser and ... a pregnancy test?

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I'm going to be joining an existing 5e Dungeons & Dragons game soon, and I'm starting to think about what class I want to play. I wanted just a quick refresher about what the options were so I googled "Dungeons and Dragons 5e classes" and Google provided this list with the oddest annotations

Record Label: Kenny, we're so excited you want to do children's music, but why are you wearing a poncho

Kenny Loggins: Shhhhh, take this pill.

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Record label: We want to do another photo shoot for this album cover, but Bill could you maybe look a little less scary in this one.

Bill Schontz: What if I wear a shirt with my name on it instead?

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Record label: Tom, we need to discuss the album art for your next record.

Tom Chapin: Agrarian landscape. Me. Flannel shirt, tucked in, top button unbuttoned. Print it.

I don't like a lot of the dragoon armor, it's so pointy. But I think I've stumbled backwards into a glam I really like.

The year after Home Alone came out, I asked my parents for the Sony Talkboy that Macauley Culkin uses in the film.

Instead, they got me the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers VoiceMan, which was a knockoff with Power Rangers branding. Despite the lack of any surreptitious recording in Power Rangers, I was maybe the most excited of any Christmas gift I ever received.

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