When you're figuring out all the details in climate change court

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At a government fursona distribution center in Vermont.


This is a service we provide to our readers where we occasionally comment on the weather in Massachusetts

The weather in Massachusetts is currently:


I am now officially on vacation.


I set a calendar reminder for when I can watch the Neil Cicierega Lord of the Rings video so I'll have forgotten most of them and can die laughing all over again.
Source: youtube.com/watch?v=HHoJSgq6mq

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The reboot design is not an improvement, adding more ornamentation to the arms, a belt to the jacket (?????) and changing the color to an irresponsible shade of blue. Also I think those are sweatpants???

I've been trying to make sense of the Free Planets Alliance uniform. It's simultaneously Too Much, but also austere and minimalist. The components include

* Dress shirt and slacks
* A red necktie that is completely obscured when the uniform is fully assembled.
* A cream-colored scarf that is folded like a cravat into
* A bulky outer jacket with almost no insignia or ornamentation. There's a patch on the arm and unit commanders get some assorted dewdads, but otherwise it's very plain.

You know what I love? In-fiction magazines. I haven't seen many, but as a kid I read this one that came with Wing Commander cover-to-front multiple times.

And then there's the Star Wars one.

I love how one of the teases just says "Lobot" like an excited fan will see it and go "OMG, I can't believe they got Lobot!"

Man, the official Star Trek fan club magazine was something else, huh

I thought this was a safe, Christian instance ...

I wish I could explain why I found this picture from a Twitter ad so funny. (cw: pictures of candy)

Legend of the Galactic Heroes is an intelligent space opera filled with witty political intrigue.

Won't know until I cut into it, but I think the bread turned out alright actually.

First time making bread in months. Can't wait to see how this loaf goes spectacularly wrong.

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