Dang, can't even see the skyline on the other side of Central Park right now.

Empty the 401k account, this investment's gonna be one to retire on.

There's this commercial for a chain of tutoring centers in the US called the Mathnasium. In the commercial the kids transform into these CGI super-huge, buff versions of themselves from just the other side of the uncanny valley and it's unnerving to watch.

Waiting in my car for the train, is a nasty one out there today I tell ya

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The pie looks a dog's breakfast, but the taste was a complete success. Will try to be more elegant next time

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure there has never been a dialect of English where "weren" meant "were"

I done did the dirty deed. As has been the case at my precinct for years now, NO STICKERS WERE PROVIDED

Dang, can't see the tops of the buildings today

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Alright Atrus, I got my pen, my notebook and my five empty cans of seltzer. Let's Riven!

My mom mailed my nephew his Luigi costume along with a mustache and sideburns. Apparently the meaning of the sideburns was misinterpreted.

About to scare THE SHIT out of some trick or treaters. (CW: too fuxkin scary, don't click it man)

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