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When I saw this thumbnail, I thought it was going to be about like pistachio censorship but turns out it was just a cake recipe.

I can always can find motivation for shitty little projects with no audience or utility. And so, I made another David Tailbonespite video. If you're not a fan of dogs, maybe skip this one.

Don't ask me why I made this ... what's it supposed to be ... who is David Tailbonespite ... I have no answers for you. I am also in the dark.

This asshole has been causing me so much trouble lately, but i finally found its hiding place.

dalle 2 mini image, Star Trek prompt 

By the 25th century, Starfleet's design philosophy was basically "Eh, nacelles can go anywhere."

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dalle 2 mini image, DS9 prompt 

Odo is an executive desk toy

For no reason today I'm thinking of the wooden door in my parent's house that has an anime eye in it


Doctored up some box macaroni and cheese for dinner tonight. It's got caramelized onion, jalapeno, garlic, chili crunch and prosciutto in it

This is not a dish you transfer to a plate. This is a dish that you eat straight out of The mixing bowl.

Are party. has been playing for an entire year at this point. We started in the southwest corner of the map and then followed the red line all the way to our current location.

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dall-e mini result, maybe slightly more disturbing than usual 

Dispute over mayonnaise

Last weekend was the annual Trekfest, which is a celebration the town of Riverside, Iowa, has every summer to commemorate being the future birthplace of James T. Kirk. These are some photos a friend of mine who lives in the area took.

I love Trekfest because it looks like any number of Midwestern small town parades (Riverside has a population of about 1,000) except there are Klingons there too.

Today I learned Robert Picardo -- best known as The Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager -- was the officiant at Bill Nye's recent wedding

The cherry on the top of this UI sundae is that clicking the "OK" button causes not a single thing to happen. Doesn't bring up another prompt. Doesn't dismiss the window. It just stays where it is. Mocking you. Daring you to click again (it won't work).

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