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As deep as my New York roots go, I still think this headline is hilarious

I would get so mad about stuff like this when I was a kid. They don't tell you until step 2 that you need two bottle caps.

SFW screenshot from FF14. CW'd in case you don't want a (clothed) miqo'te ass cluttering your timeline. 


The outfits for this lineup are pretty tight actually. Love that the men of the X-Men are really embracing the plunging neckline.

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Someone actually took pictures of me hosting my show, so if you've been dying to see low-rez pictures of me holding a clipboard on a stage, today's your lucky day.

This is a photo of Brennan Farm House, once home to Edgar Allen Poe. This is not far from my apartment, probably about a 15 minute walk, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

This picture is from 1879. My five-story apartment building went up in 1939. That's how quickly a landscape of quaint cottages can turn into one of the most densely-populated places in North America.

Making movie posters with a new AI art generator, not DALL-E 

Midjourney is having a 24 hour open beta, so I had some fun with it by making some movie posters. Alt text shows the prompt that created each one.

AI-generated art for the prompt of "Digimon going through airport security" 

I'm going to bed

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AI-generated art for the prompt of "The most normal face in the world" 

This exceeded my expectations.

Looking at the track list for the new Watkins Family Hour album and dang that's a stacked guest line-up

The Chaps really missed out by never selling this T-Shirt

There's an episode of Nirvanna The Band The Show where one of the characters watches Star Wars for the first time, but ends up messing up his vision from marathoning the whole trilogy while sitting too close to the CRT TV.

It's really funny, but also strangely inspiring???? Just how much fun the character appears to be having.

fast food, cursed 

Apparently you can order the Taco Bell Cheez-It Tostada without any toppings, in which case they just give you a single giant Cheezed It

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