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AI generated image for the prompt "crab pride parade" 

All embrace the crab

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AI-generated art of Helen Mirren if she were a dog 

Before you know it, you've used up all your image credits making pictures of Helen Mirren if she were a dog and need to upgrade your plan.

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Messing around with AI art generators, Broadway musicals 

Here are some more, some of these are getting more obscure. One of them ... uhhhh ... isn't.

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Messing around with AI art generators, Broadway musicals 

Was bored so I had Midjourney make a poster for some popular musicals. See if you can guess each one (answers in alt text)

I was running late so I had to take a cab. Any time I end up going by the Hudson River, it's always a shock. Who put all this water here?

Just as two examples, here are two prompts I recently did using Midjourney. One was to make a space station orbiting an ocean world and the other was for a portrait of the admiral in charge of said station.

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Despite living across the street from a fairly famous Roman Catholic church, my tradcath parents refused to take us to Mass there because they did not approve of the architecture.

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To my New Yorker eye, this Swiss street that has
A) a lane for car traffic each way
B) A lane for the tram each way
C) A parking lane on each side
is hilariously wide.

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Me: Hmmm. The director of this film is named "Dan Trachtenberg." I wonder if he's any relation to ...


Cooking, Srol's ice cream making adventures 

This turned out AMAZING! The rose matches perfectly with the pepper jam. It's like a cold sweet floral salsa with just a hint of spiciness that you can eat with s apoon.

Next time I want to try adding chili flakes to it as well!

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I hate when I go to look up out of print books from my childhood that once had gorgeous cover art, and find they're now only available as ebooks with a very generic cover.

I actually have a copy of it here that I bought used a few months back when @prophet_goddess was posting about heat pumps (and then I completely forgot I had it)

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I get a kick out of the way suits are depicted in visual medium science fiction. The standard practice seems to be remove one element and add one element so people know it's The Future.

When you're a front page editor at a newspaper, one of the things you're taught is the enormous responsibility of your choices; that whatever you put front and center people will regard as the most important thing.

So when I accidentally swipe left and get the Android news feed, and this is at the top of the page, I have a short moment of panic before I remember no human decisions took place here.

There's an interesting thing my brain does sometimes where I attribute behavior I see on my timeline by one or two users to the timeline itself. Like, just as a random example, "everyone is posting Fifth Element gifs"

This poster went up at one of the improv theaters I frequent and I have a lot of questions, but let's start with this one: What the fuck?


It was finally cool enough to have a beer outside.

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