Oh no this is the first time I've worn three shoes in the snow and they're porous as hell. It's like wearing sandals, my socks are soaked. :( :( :(

Sex in the City is like a magical girl anime, Mr Big is obviously Tuxedo Man. I've never seen either so I'm just shooting from the hip here

Dang, can't even see the skyline on the other side of Central Park right now.

yall been talking about Scaleway for the 1.5 years I've been on Mastodon and I only just learned it wasn't a scalie thing.

I've been following 420 users for weeks now and no one has said a damn thing.

Someone in the newsroom three cubicles over just said "Matt Doyle," and I just popped my head up and shouted back "MATT DOYLE????"

Empty the 401k account, this investment's gonna be one to retire on.

Everyone always wants to talk about Bobson Dugnutt. No one ever wants to talk about Mike Truk.

oh shit I'm going to france in 9 days I forgot

this may sound dark, but you don't realize how much I love breakfast

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@SuperAlbino Fuck this could change everything or get someone killed

I feel the need to thank you, person reading this, on most days. But today the need feels stronger than most


Thank you.

It's so annoying the best ramen shops in the city close pretty much just as I'm getting out of work.

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