A lot of ads on the subway for something called the Puppet Fringe Festival and frankly it sounds like it would either be mildly entertaining or just be the worst thing you've ever seen.

If I'm in a bad thought spiral because I'm hangry, pointing this out has a 67 percent chance of inspiring me to resolve the situation. Unfortunately, there is a 33 percent chance that it will backfire and I'll just get hangrier.


@RC I can't judge, I've done both of these but with pesto.


@RC Forgive me for imagining you with a jar and a spoon just going to town after reading the first half of this post.

While it's not my cup of tea, I've definitely heard of people using it as a sandwich spread, I've even seen that on menus at upscale sandwich places.

@jgarfink I've gotten some of the worst night's sleep in the last two weeks and I started getting a lot more disciplined with my sleep habits. It didn't pay off immediately but I think it's starting to, THANK GOD.

Taking the software that powers the foghorns on modern shipping vessels and raising it as my son.

It's been so long since I slept for a full eight, but I did it. I really did it

Making a beach but just can't figure out where to start.

I recommend: Sand

Dang, I know Skeletor's always gone titty-out but this one's got nips!

I was putting some glasses on the dishrack to dry and one knocked into another which knocked into another, all three? Broken.

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So. I just managed to break 1/5 of my glassware? How? With surprisingly little effort.

@fluffy Kevin Smith produced it, so unlikely. I heard it's entertaining, nothing hugely revolutionary.

I liked those books. I wouldn't have read all three if I didn't like those books. But elements of that world were abstract to the point where I struggled to picture what was happening, particularly during fleet battles using calendrical warfare.

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Would never confuse the Hexarchate with either because I read all three of those books and I'm still incredibly unsure what the heck happened.

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Need to remember:

Teixcalaan - the space empire that loves poetry and flowers.

Imperial Radch - the space empire that hates touching and gender.

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I think it's a combination of both using very formal speaking patterns, both being super into jumpsuits, the Teixcalaan naming scheme being very similar to the Radch ancillary naming scheme, and that they both use technology that is high concept, but low in scientific detail.

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I keep on mixing Teixcalaan and the Imperial Radch in my head which is strange because while they are both space empires, they really don't have much in common beyond that.

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