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worms lay eggs that hatch into octopi which pupate into sloths

I don't understand the biology at work here (cw: candy aisle at store)

In the next five hours I'm going to a show, having dinner with a friend and going to see my therapist and I'm just starting to realize I might not be prepared for this emotional rollercoaster

It's a good thing I got into this anime just in time for it to go on a break

Fortnite has an emote that makes your character do a formal bow and it's called a "gentleman's dab" and, gendered language notwithstanding, I get pretty happy thinking how angry that must make people who hate the word dab.

I was tagged in this meme like three years ago, and I think I'm finally ready to commit. You should do it too, if you feel like it.

So many people who spend time as professional copy-editors end up becoming sticklers for style, but my four years had the opposite affect

99 percent of style guide arguments could be solved by abolishing style guides

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I'm giving this cold one more day to gtfo of my body before I kick its ass

A French friend from college who has since moved back to Paris just made a Twitter post with only the hashtag . I love that, let's all be hashtag happy whenever we can.

Whenever I hear France's national anthem, I just instantly flash back to that one scene in Casablanca

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in exchange for your
broken one NOW.
You’ll be back in the
game with no wait
and little expense!!

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Great British Bakeoff contestants always seem like such complete people in their bio segments. It's always something like "Keen runner and geneticist Catherine lives in Bristol with her wife where she refurbishes old furniture and is building a scale model of the Sistine Chapel."

Translation: I'm back on my bullshit watching Great British Bakeoff

I remember when I was a kid, the closest thing you'd see to a commercial on a PBS station is like a 5 second sponsor mention. (This program brought to you by a grant from Kelloggs)

I'm watching for the first time in a long time now and the commercials are indistinguishable from, well, a commercial station.

There's actually an alt version of thos avatar which is a close-up of the face going blah blah blah. I liked the bouncing one better even if this one more accurately communicates my inability to stfu

(also I can't seem to post it without losing the transparency and the frames looping way too fast).

Wow, my phone really doesn't like posting gifs. Killed the transparency and the animation on that one.