if you were a unicorn, what size would you want to be?

When a website you are signing up at sends a link to your email to confirm, do you ...

I only go to movies these days if I can see from the seating map that I'll have most of the theater to myself.

This worked out great for a while, but lately I think the combo of people not taking Covid seriously and the summer heat, even movies that have been out for a while seem to all b 2/3 full.


Last night I killed a cockroach in my bathroom. Now one just crawled into my bed while I was sleeping and made me fall out of it. Alright you fuckers, this is war.

Like a thief in the night, my weekend has arrived.

Out of curiosity, I checked the google store to see how much pixel buds are going for now. Apparently since I bought these in 2020, they split the product into a budget ($99) and premium ($199) version.

Among the special features the pro version has that the budget version doesn't is "control volume"

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My two-year-old wireless earbuds are starting to get to the point of just one hour of battery life and I do not want to buy new ones, but they've become such a big part of my daily routine.

Specifically like those old-timey leather flying helmets with goggles. SO cute.

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Dragons wearing hats and helmets are very cute.

@prehensile When I was an education reporter, I saw teachers assign "Write something for a local wikipedia page" as extra credit a lot, and that was a decade ago, so I bet it's even more common now.

@typhlosion I saw him IRL once and he looked like Comeau in the Scott Pilgrim movie.

We need good, ethical, principled people to be reporters. I have so much respect for reporters. I was *NOT* cut out for the job.

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Running into a source outside of the context you interviewed them for is no fun for either party. Do not recommend.

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The one time I saw them live, it was when I was still an education reporter in Iowa and I recognized so many local teachers who had been my sources at that show.

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They Might Be Giants must be one of the most in-demand bands in the US. I think in all the years I've been getting their e-mail newsletter, every time it says their entire upcoming tour is sold out.

@pixouls Actual play of tabletop. Doesn't have to be D&D.


This place near my work used to make little to-go containers of spicy fried chicken kimbap. I realize this is far from rocket science. Just popcorn fried chicken, rice, nori. But not only did it taste good, it was a way to eat fried chicken with your fingers without getting them greasy or sticky.

I haven't had it in two years now. I miss it a lot.

I've had this feeling all day that there's something important I'm supposed to be doing, but I can't remember what.

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