What if the uncanny valley is actually an evolutionary defense mechanism for detecting false reality

Im at the point in my vacation where I realized I planned too many things and that I've got 14 hours of driving planned on the next three days.

Every author who ever wrote a licensed Star Trek EU novel where Morn talks should be forced to publicly explain themselves.

If you're curious about how relaxed I am, I listened to the ten hour version of Persona 5 - beneath the mask, rainy mood in it's entirety today.

When you're figuring out all the details in climate change court

Bill Wurtz did a video for Genius explaining the lyrics of Mount St. Helens Is About to Blow Up, and while I don't care for Genius, it was pretty amazing to hear him try and justify

"The climate has been changing and soon it's gonna change more.
And we'll figure out all the details in climate change court"

Pictures of empty seltzer cans Show more

Pictures of empty seltzer cans Show more

Pictures of empty seltzer cans Show more

New England has been holding out on the rest of the country, rationing the latest top secret Polar seltzer flavors

I left my Switch in New York, but apparently my 3DS and Vita are still in my bag from the last time I traveled.

Soooo any recommendations for 3DS or Vita games?

At a government fursona distribution center in Vermont.

I'm really taking my goddamn time on this road trip. I've made so many stops along the way, I only just hit the Vermont border and I left the house at 8:30 am. It'll be another two hours before I reach my final destination in New Hampshire.

But good news: There's snow!

@DialMforMara probably like a few dozen, yeah. It looks like the ferry in Spiderman Homecoming if you've seen that.


This is a service we provide to our readers where we occasionally comment on the weather in Massachusetts

The weather in Massachusetts is currently:


Someone needs to make a romcom about two boxers and the montage of them falling in love while they train is Orange Colored Sky youtu.be/cwM4NA0Jq7I

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