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@derek gargamel fix my notificojos

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@LogicalDash I googled and yeah, you were right

I asked a question on here a moment ago. I've deleted it. If you saw it, please don't answer. I already know too much.

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Hot take on hot takes Show more

Hot take on hot takes Show more

It feels weird that I'm traveling to France in two months, but because I'm going just to visit friends away from all the tourist areas, I'm not doing any of the stuff I usually do before an international trip like make itineraries or research subway routes.

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I finished season one of the Dragon Prince. I like the overall vibe and the characters are interesting and well designed. But the animation still bugs me and the pace feels very slow.

Third time I've said it since I got it, this avatar suits me so well.

I'm so tired, but if I got o bed now, I'll wake up in the middle of the night and completely shove off my sleep schedule.

Phew made it home safe. I was getting a little nervous for a bit there.

This trip is really rough so far. I've stopped at almost every service station and to recuperate and I'm still only halfway home. I've already had two coffees and a red bull. I'm scared to have more

This is so bizarre. I just needed to use the bathroom

This was the joke toot I was going to post

Can't believe I met former VP Joey Bagodonuts at a Delaware service center ... AND HE TOLD ME TO SHOVE OFF

I was going to make a joke about running into former Vice President Joseph Biden at a Delaware service area ... Except the name of the area is the Biden Center ... And it was just dedicated today ... And he is actually here ... Sooooooooo ...

I think three two hour stints of fitful sleep is probably the best I can hope for without my cpap machine. TIme to load up on coffee and hit the road.

@masklayer ones what got three holes inem