Twenty minutes lying in bed thinking of a song to get out of bed to.

@LexYeen I wouldn't be surprised if these ones have their own Instagram

Suburban chickens in the NYC suburbs who encounter millennials every day are NOT camera-shy

My posting output increases during family parties because it's a safe fallback activity

"You keep calling them cluckers, is this an Internet thing?" -my sister

Oh, and the cluckers. These aren't my cluckers, but I will show you them anyway.

My favorite part of visiting my aunt is seeing Copper, who was sitting down but lunged into my lap when I tried to take his photo

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May I offer you a nice egg on this trying holiday? Art by @scott_dewitt@twitter.con

May I offer you a nice egg on this trying holiday? Art by @scott_dewitt@twitter.con

Nephew: Are you going to play video games?
Me: Yeah, I was going to play Sekiro.
Nephew: Can I watch? It's like a YouTube channel live.

I'm always weirded out when I hear about people in warmer areas swimming at the beach in spring. I've lived 10 minutes away from the beach all my life, but in the Northeast the water's only warm enough to go swimming during the three summer months.

Don't ask me how I ended up on the Wikipedia page for One Piece. I don't know. I don't know anything about One Piece. But now I know that apparently the planet it's set on is fuuuucked up

There was a fan remake of Chrono Trigger in the mid aughts that got shut down by Square. They released all the music they had made when they closed down and it includes one of my favorite renditions of Corridors of Time

I've had a melody stuck in my head all day and I could not for the life of me pin it down. Until I started writing this toot. It's Corridors of Time from Chrono Trigger!

If English isn't your primary language and you've used it to talk to me, I don't know what to say other than thank you and I'm sorry I can't return the incredible courtesy.

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final determination by Nintendo of America Inc. and to accommoda-
tion and airfare availability. Nintendo of America Inc. reserves the
right to substitute a cash award in the total amount of $5000 if a
performance of the "American Gladiators" is not available. This
contest is not open to employees of Nintendo of America Inc., their

Man, I like games with multiple endings until I actually play one and have to deal with ending anxiety.

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