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Granted I am right on an open port to the Atlantic ocean, so it's probably the wind.

Damn if I knew it was this cold in New Hampshire i'd've packed a winter jacket.

What's the name of that new music Mastodon instance?
*searches "liner notes mastodon"*
... I don't know what I was expecting.

I started a "Travis" jar while listening to TAZ Dust and every time i said just "Travis" and nothing else, I put a quarter in and now I've got like $5

Let the record show I ceased my motion in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

I've been listening to The Adventure Zone: Dust while I drive. It's much better than I thought based on the setup episode. I think maybe I should just skip setup episodes going forward.

Linda weird how printed quotation marks are simultaneously markers of authenticity and sarcasm

What do I know about Hartford ... Uhh ... It was founded by a guy whose last name was Hooker? That's all I got.

I made it to Hartford, Connecticut. Stopped here for some lunch. I think I'm gonna keep going after. I mean, there's nothing I know of to make me want to stick around in Hartford.

And now I'm craving waffles. Maybe get some waffles along the way.

I've waffled on this for long enough. I'm just gonna start driving north and I'm not gonna stop until it feels right.

IDK IDK I just have such a case of the wanders, I really feel like I just need to travel somewhere tomorrow.

what if
what if
what if
what if tomorrow I just went to Delaware

Hi, I'm Smaug the Terrible here to tell you about 1-800-BUY-GOLD

Yes, let's do make a political quadrant diagram for a fantasy world's depiction of dragons (no, don't)

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