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Oh sweet, my new DDR pad finally shipped

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It is a time of oysters.

When I'm reading books that click, I can zoom through a novel a week. But one book that doesn't can tie me up for months as I try to plow through it thanks to guilt from not liking it more and our old pal the sunk cost fallacy.

Straw man, that was it, thank you

What's the name of the logical fallacy where you misinterpret your opponents' view from the start to be something different than what they actually believe, but that is easier to argue against?

I've been watching My Hero Academia with my nephew a few episodes at a time whenever I go to Maine. It's nice to have someone in your life to unironically watch anime with.

My 11 year old nephew tells me no one plays Fortnite battle royale anymore. It's playground mode or nothing

New Hampshire don't read this.
Maine, hello.

This is the third time I've done this and I really should be honest and change the series name to CHARLTON MASS PIKE REST AREA WEATHER


This is a service we provide to our readers where we occasionally comment on the weather in Massachusetts

The weather in Massachusetts is currently:


I have a 10 item checklist. Once every item is checked, I'm getting in the car and I'm driving to Maine.

Homer Simpson

Roll20 helps your RPG group keep track of all the important details of your game.

helloke and shout ups

I just learned how to make my voice sound like two demon voices and I'm just screaming "THE PROPHECY!" over and over

Until 10 minutes ago, I always thought that Achewood shoes comic was an actual Achewood comic.