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You can only pick one:
A) a subway car that is air conditioned.
B) a subway car where you can sit down.

Choose wisely.

I walk into a conference room and as I stride towards an open seat, I realize this isn't the meeting I thought it was and I don't know anyone in the room, so I keep walking, do a loop around the table and head back out the door and now those folks have something to talk about at the water cooler.

Because I try to support the industry I'm in and because I never met a bad decision I didn't like, I decided to try Civil, the weird block chain news platform. At least one former co-worker is working there, so I know at least it's not a scam.

I would say on the spectrum of tech literacy, I'm towards the more literate side. And yet the process of signing up for Civil and buying tokens was so confusing and opaque. No wonder they're struggling.

As long as we're talking about words that messed me up, the first time a sword and sorcery novel I was reading spelled magic like "magick" it blew my fucking mind.

The first time I knew that computers were fucked was when my dad's new computer used discs that were smaller and much harder than the old ones, but they still called them "floppies"

Thinking about that Brony documentary from however many years ago: When you do a documentary about something that just started you're basically doing a 90 minute version of a television news fluff piece.
NOW we know that the trajectory of a lot of different people from that community, about how white supremacists used it as a honey pot, how it was the start of a lot of people realizing they were trans. Now THAT'S a documentary.

It snowed at my relatives' place in Colorado today, meanwhile I'm still deploying my NYC antihumidity strats.

I know nothing about Castlevania other than the music on the first level of the first game is my jam and playing in my head all through October.

re: LB

modes of play, you can alter game length or line
changes. If you're tired of being called for off-
sides, you can
silence the ref-
eree's whistle

When I was really young, I used to get up at 6 am on Saturday and watch cartoons until noon. In the earliest slots, they would try out shows not in the regular programming block, so I have a lot of memories of cartoons that, if it weren't for Wikipedia, I'd probably not think were real.

Darkstalkers (a US take on the fighting game)
The Hurricanes (some kind of soccer show)
Princess Guinevere and the Jewel Riders (toys toys toys)
Gadget Boy & Heather (I think it was an Inspector Gadget spinoff)

How much time am I going to waste on Assasin's Creed Odyssey in the hopes that I'll like it and justify the expense of buying it?

I've never had a particular love for Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella, but all the songs in that musical will burrow into your short-term memory and refuse to let go.

Aw Wildstar is closing. It was the MMO I always kind of liked and just never could make enough time for.

So like every MMO I've ever played I guess.

Not to contribute to the but on this week's episode of Wonderful, Griffin McElroy says seals have the best snouts of all time.

Fantasy social media feature: merging threads so you can make one reply to multiple people who replied to your original post and not break the reply chain.

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