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Fair warning, do not try to make DALL-E create Klingons. They're all forehead. ALL forehead!

I have a theory which is the reason the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Threshold" made such a lasting impact was because a generation of trek nerds were conditioned to think of Warp 10 as being something Very Important and that episode was like "nope it just turns you into a pregnant lizard"

dall-e mini result, maybe slightly more disturbing than usual 

Dispute over mayonnaise

It's wild how much I know about Philadelphia fine dining restaurants that have been closed for 15 years.

Archives without proper temperature and humidity protection freak me out.

I wonder how the conversation went when the casting agents on Men in Black called up some animal talent agency and asked "We need a pug that Tommy Lee Jones can scream at."

My favorite kind of tv/film blooper is the one where you can see the barely contained rage of someone on camera that they're going to have to do this shit again.

Apparently the guy in the cowboy hat whose face is blocked is the actor who plays General Martok.

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Last weekend was the annual Trekfest, which is a celebration the town of Riverside, Iowa, has every summer to commemorate being the future birthplace of James T. Kirk. These are some photos a friend of mine who lives in the area took.

I love Trekfest because it looks like any number of Midwestern small town parades (Riverside has a population of about 1,000) except there are Klingons there too.

I did finally watch the first two episodes of Ranking of Kings last night after getting recommendations from both @sharkNserg and @tom, and I don't think in a million years I would've guessed what this show is actually about.

The podcast is Judge John Hodgman, who is also easily one of my personal top 5 comedic influences. Blocks away from my apartment and I can't go. Devastating.

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Of course the week that there's going to be a FREE, OUTDOOR recording of one of my favorite podcasts IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD is the one where I've got Covid.

When does that EVER happen?

Voyager was on TV when I was in middle school and I remember thinking the actor's last name being "Picard-o" was some sort of conspiracy.

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Today I learned Robert Picardo -- best known as The Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager -- was the officiant at Bill Nye's recent wedding

Okay so i guess I've got a month of crunchyroll now. Anything good on there out recently other than Spy X Familiy?

I'm angry at Steve Carrell for having a show where the character blows off steam by dancing to Kokomo by the Beach Boys in a room alone.

That was MY signature move. Just no one knew I was doing it because I was doing it RIGHT.

good morning it's ☀️ hot! Do you

open to be accused of being cute (eye contact) 

shark that points at cute people

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