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the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was just being way hotter than god

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if you wanna be my plover, you gotta get with my wrens

i'm the tallyman and i'm here to tally your bananas

mellified admin 

looks like mellified crashed a couple hours ago and didn't recover on its own! oops! it'll probably take a little time to catch up, beware of jumbled timelines until then

when you awoo you should

#shopsmall this weekend! Use discount code SMALLBZNS20 to get 20% off your whole order (including subscriptions!) until midnight PST 11/29.

⚡ ⚡

( #mastoart #art #comics )

Don't shop at big sites this weekend, support independent creator storefronts! Such as mine: from now until Monday I'm running a sale for 20% off my entire storefront when you use code BLACKFRI20 at checkout. I've got books, zines, pins, stickers and more!

Sisyphus but he's filling up the brita water filter pitcher

restarting to update firefox, as my father did before me, and his father did before him

FYI: wikibooks has a huge free cookbook with tons of recipes. You can learn about different cultural cuisines and see recipes for those as well. For example, there is a section for Native American cuisine.

periodic reminder that if you like Ready Player On— er, Two, you might also like my scrappy queer youth hacker webcomic Crossed Wires:

and if you DON’T like Ready Player Two, you’ll probably like Crossed Wires even more

imagining kobolds riding around on these like a biker gang

a normal day in the desert, with my big beautiful monolith

before you learn how to draw, you must draw a skeleton. this is not to understand anatomy, but a memento mori to encourage you to create art with sufficient gravitas The VOD for the first episode of our D&D charity stream, 🌟The Help Action🌟, is live on YouTube! Watch it NOW to catch up, then tune in to tomorrow at 7pm Pacific to watch the next exciting installment. ✨⚔🐉🎲💖

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