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the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was just being way hotter than god

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if you wanna be my plover, you gotta get with my wrens

The Bugs Bunny Hare-Brained Adventure (Riedel Software Productions/Hi-Tech Expressions, 1990) #DOSGaming

So indigenous Australians have told geographically accurate stories about rising sea levels that happened after the last ice age, and the stories have stayed accurate for about 10 000 years.

Goes to show that oral tradition can be accurate and extinction of indigenous languages can lead to a permanent loss of information about the world — which of course are not new claims.

I wrote about stumbling upon a copy of Dreamcast multimedia email software DreamFlyer for $1, learning about the PinkRabbit family of software it’s based on and compatible with, and liberating the computer versions from time bomb code. Hope you enjoy!

A pride flag for people who's sexuality is dying in the jungle, as inspired by the cover of Pitfall for 2600

irrational anger that the apple syringe emoji is no longer full of blood

UFO encounters are all like. i saw. and the commander saw. and the squadron leader, we all saw it. a giant chrome sausage, well, a string of sausages. being chased by a giant chrome dog

interviewer: how did it move

pilot: like.. billy joel

Gothic Lolita? Well it's not my favorite film by Gothic Stanley Kubrick.

What's up Cunei-tion? It's your boy ReedStylite6000 back with another reaction tablet about Ea-Nasir. Now if you've been following my latest tablets you'll know we've seen all sorts of nasty copper from this guy, but this time I really think he's outdone himself

the laws of hammurabi are wild. it's all shit like 'whomsoever breaks a hole in someone else's house while they are away, shall be thrown into the river if it was a noble's house, into a stream otherwise'

@wolfteeth in the gopher community i think thats called "on the goph"

i better install a gopher app on my phone. in case i need to visit a gopher site on the go

Trying to imagine my reaction to seeing Harpo Marx play a piano like a harp if I had seen it live. I'd probably have lost my goddamn mind.

the thing about social media is that most people STILL use it the old fashioned way (weeping, scrolling, screaming, yelling, tapping, sobbing, tapping on another thing, laughing, sobbing, scrolling)

Five. This time he’s standing
by at the Automatic Rat
The rooms in Level Five aren’t
rooms at all— Krusty is outside.

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