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the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was just being way hotter than god

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the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was pretending to throw the ball, when in fact he was just hiding it behind his back, while i ran off after it like a FOOL

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if you wanna be my plover, you gotta get with my wrens

hey NERDS, thank you for LOVING and RESPECTING me

embracing the idea of letting my phone "rest" like a piece of cooked meat

putting on wrist braces in preparation for a full workday of good old-fashioned american cybering

Also hey!!! It's #SmallBusinessSaturday! I've got COOL COMICS AND STICKERS up in @itsnero 's and my shared online shop, in case you're hankering for luxurious cyber products to enjoy in meatspace!

thank god cyber monday is coming up, the only day when the joy of cybering is internationally recognized

in twenty years a young adventurer finds me in my hut, bent over a bubbling cauldron. i look up with one blind eye and ask my most dangerous riddle: "what is a gamer?"

staring at the weird gamer memes on the discord loading screen and instantly withering into a wizened crone who must depart for a solitary life deep in the darkest woods

[at normal volume, to a completely empty room] keebler soft butch cookies

The AAW website is live AND applications are open until the end of the year! Oh dang!! Visit for more info, or zoom on over to to apply.

( #art #mastoart #nsfw #webring )

one of my Unity folders is called cask-of-amontillado and I'm pretty sure it was just going to be Tetris in front of a screaming clown

If you're the sort who prefers to read comics in chunks, Glowing Hearts issue 5 is at a good point to do that with!

Or read the story from the beginning:

If you nabbed a little bottle demon from me during the pin preorder run I did last year, have I got a treat for you! A second, sassier imp has appeared and is now ready for preorders. 2x2" die struck- same as the long bottle pins, but now in copper!:

Preorders are open until Dec 28th, so there's plenty of time! This and orders containing this pin will not ship until the preorder period has ended, so keep that in mind.

( #mastoart #art #pins #preorder )

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