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the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was just being way hotter than god

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if you wanna be my plover, you gotta get with my wrens

A story so horrific I am forcing you all to share my pain. I expressed disbelief, but teacher friends on Twitter confirmed it is indeed A Thing.

Students These Days don't understand directory structure, like literally the concept of files organized in folders, reports Monica Chin for Verge: #computeing 🐘

thinking about apes. man's best friend, the friendly ape of the forest

EH YES! GIVE ITTO ME! Send me2d ISSUES over2years-andmy FREE Nintendo
Player's Guide-tor just SX. * □ YES! I'M READY FOR IT! Send me 12 ISSUES over I year-and my FREE
Nintendo Player's Guide -for just S15."

Medieval holiday we should bring back

Reviewing the calendar I see that this coming Sunday is Stanislov Petrov Day. There are many famous military figures responsible for countless deaths. Petrov is a lesser known military figure responsible for preventing countless deaths by preventing the start of a nuclear war.

Stanisław Lem's 1964 story, published in English for the first time, tells the tale of a scientist in an insane asylum theorizing that the sun is alive.

Not to be incendiary, but there are aspects to working in 2400 dpi that I don't like.

the primary purpose of software is to be updated every few days

thanks to @packetcat have wasted an inordinate amount of time playing LingYourLanguage today. i'm not very good at it but it's fun


Someday I should revisit that dating simulator I started writing where you play as the Emergency Medical Hologram from Voyager. I have like 60 pages of dialogue written.

It was called "Please State the Nature of the Romantic Emergency" and you could crush on any of Voyager's crew.

Join* my webring**!!

* Get bricked up in
** Catacomb

Me at work: I have never seen this box before, what’s in it?

*opens box*

Ah, a single large chip labeled “lucifer”. It’s 2020, what could possibly go wrong.

there's an american philosophy that good film stories should always be economical, that everything should serve the greater plot. the idea makes sense for a certain kind of film, but for long-form tv series i think we've effectively proven that characters and relationships are more important than plot points. and that is why i think every tv show needs a battle of the bands

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you gotta admit there is a certain subset of anime that have it figured out. epic fantasy! action adventure! high stakes! but also please show me a whole episode about a school fair or a secondary character trying to prepare their favorite lunch

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