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i'm wolfteeth, i run a tiny closed instance called i post my hilarious goofs and japes unlisted or public but i mostly make boring locked posts for my followers. i like animals and art and fantasy/sci-fi and movies and being kinda pretentious despite also being a total dweeb. in my spare time i like to draw/paint. my day job is wrestling with computers like jacob with the angel

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the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was just being way hotter than god

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if you wanna be my plover, you gotta get with my wrens

if it isn't obvious, i loved watching history channel documentaries at my dad's house. i learned a lot but mostly about medieval torture

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since everyone is talking about the defunctland garfield episode i watched it while doing some work. my first episode of defunctland. this show is fantastic material for replicating the feeling of watching history channel documentaries at your dad's house

@chimerror reading the wiki now, and apparently this is going on for all of them??

a society of "this curse rules actually", i love it

driving instant Engagement for your Brand™™ (repulsion and/or loathing)

patsy the whale mini golf, west main, hyannis port, massachusetts, [between 1972 and 2008]

Image, fantasy creatures, SFW 

#drawing today, a kobold war band. Mostly spears and ranged support. I figure the sorcerers have way more draconic looks.

I documented some of my recent experiments in reverse-engineering the Print Gocco, a Japanese DIY printmaking tool from the 1970s. You can read about it here: #theWorkshop

I’ve got a new linocut print for y’all! 🐝🍯

Isn’t she just the cutest? These 8x10 prints are now available on my shop! Link in my bio.

I’ve been having such a deep appreciation for the bees this spring. Sometimes when so many things seem frustrating in the world—it helps to center myself on one issue that I feel I can actually help improve. I mean, the bees and many insects literally work so hard to keep us humans alive and healthy on this earth, and the least I can do is show you the beauty I see in them through one of my favorite languages… ART!

If you love bees leave me a sweet little bee emoji in the comments!
#beesforever #bees #linocut #mastoartist #MastoArt #Artwork #Art

🔥 New merch pre-orders are up! 🔥

It's been a while since I've made anything physical that wasn't a book, so I'm dropping two things people have asked me for over the past few years: a third demon pin to round out the set, and some rude nude dude masks (in two colorways!).


COVID test orders 

New round starting; you can now get #COVID eight tests. Just ordered mine.

the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that ska was a fad

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