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i'm wolfteeth, i run a tiny closed instance called i post my hilarious goofs and japes unlisted or public but i mostly make boring locked posts for my followers. i like animals and art and fantasy/sci-fi and movies and being kinda pretentious despite also being a total dweeb. in my spare time i like to draw/paint. my day job is wrestling with computers like jacob with the angel

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the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was just being way hotter than god

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if you wanna be my plover, you gotta get with my wrens

(Edited version: original file was too large and became difficult to read)

I've been on a three day camping trip into the Norwegian wilderness with my partner and our 3-year old (his first real trip!), and I had some time to just sit besides the lake and reflect upon the reflections and how to paint them. I've worked out my notes into this tutorial and I'd really like to share them with my fellow fedi-artists.

#MastoArt #LandscapePainting #lake #reflection #reflections #DigitalArt #tutorial

i've been getting into this summer, so i wound up raiding my local used bookstore's nature section, which is pretty limited. any of y'all have suggestions for books/field guides/other resources? i'm already aware of and i do have their local guide for my state. but is there a specific list of guides or books you'd consider necessary?

@sugar yes! everyone, make your own website!!! for real!!

and check out sadgrl's guide to surfing the web to get exposed to new websites!

widespread copying and dissemination of the following important information is authorized and encouraged:


February 22nd, 1979: Ivor Durham forwards an email to the ARPANET msggroup about making the last login time private by default in CMU's email system, starting one of the first known arguments on the internet. !/ #InternetHistory

August Internet Archive Unlocked Recordings Challenge Thread/Threat

Unlocked recordings are records that are out-of-print and not available on streaming. Under the Music Modernization Act of 2018, these albums are allowed to be made available by and to the public.


I've gotta take a few commissions this week to haul some furniture away, so I'm opening up for $125 pinup-style illustration. I just boosted the last set that I took, so you can scroll through my history to see some examples.

I'm happy to do any gender or none gender, I don't have to just do large moms (I just really enjoy them).

DM me here or on Telegram as (at)some_badger if you are interested!

(Reposting because I had the post security set to 'unlisted' before, per my default)

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getting an autopsy but the scalpel causes clipping issues and i ragdoll through the hospital

Pictures of solitary male bees and wasps in the early morning, covered in dew, on the prairie. 😍

getting isekaied into a medieval dungpunk world and 💯 instantly burned as a witch

Hey everyone! If you have ever asked "what can I do to help trans rights," I have something for you.

Biden's title IX change protecting trans people in schools is open comment.

It is getting FLOODED by TERF comments.


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