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the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was just being way hotter than god

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if you wanna be my plover, you gotta get with my wrens

while we're talking about schoolhouse rock: wild that the furries have ignored Lucky Seven Sampson this whole time

Enjoyed this interview with Max from Eve 6 about the band's twitter account, radical honesty as a bit, and that guy from Third Eye Blind:

if you put an infinite number of monkeys in front of an infinite number of typewriters and gave them an infinite amount of time, one of them would eventually compose the complete works of william shatner

"When the time comes you cannot put sand in a toilet." --Charles Mingus

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birds should stand on the guitar neck. they have 1 toe for each string. and then both wings free for strumming

trying to think good thoughts today. like the fact that legendary jazz musician charles mingus trained his cat to use the toilet and wrote an instructional pamphlet about the process:

based on private replies, sounds like monsterpit's admin just didn't want to run it anymore. which is fine! sad to see it go though

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i don't always get the gossip, so maybe i just missed it if they made an announcement. but i'd like to know

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anyone out there know what happened to monsterpit? i haven't heard anything about a planned shutdown, but i've seen seen folks talking about them being gone. all their domains no longer resolve for me. are they gone forever?

interactive pizza delivery tracker 

Warning! Your pizza is currently being assembled by: 'Hairy Jake'

is monsterpit dead? i haven't logged in there in quite a while but i went to try it out and the server isn't responding

Eat This Ten-Pound Burrito And We'll Remind You Of The Color Of Your Long-Lost-Love's Eyes

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My Amontillado brings all the boys underground
And they're like, a hateable clown
Damn right, I hate that clown
I'll brick him in, for the love of god

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