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the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was just being way hotter than god

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if you wanna be my plover, you gotta get with my wrens

"TuiCss is a library focused to create web applications using an interface based on ASCII table, like the old MS-DOS applications."

not sharing my spotify unwrapped because it is a glaring spotlight on my mildly embarrassing listening habits. be assured that my musical taste does not appear at all refined. this not a place of honor, etc

remember that time a north african merchant(?) named constantine was in italy and a guy in the hostel was sick and they called a doctor and constantine was like "uhh aren't you gonna take a urine sample" and the doctor was like "a what" and constantine was like "…" and the doctor was like "…" and then constantine africanus moved to the monastery of monte cassino and spent the rest of his life translating arabic medical texts into latin,

because i think about this probably every single week

more: 🐘

It's kinda funny how Susanna Clarke's entire literary career has been an extended polemic against the idea of English wizards

i hush my companions as a familiar noise echoes across the bleak winter landscape. the few remaining brittle leaves tremble in the bare trees, and the tremor rattles in my own chest. i can hear it. i can hear the blues a-callin'. tossed salad and scrambled eggs

Wirecutter is on strike! With NYT management refusing to bargain, the entire Wirecutter staff is on strike during this critical Black Friday shopping week.

YOU can help their cause by boycotting Wirecutter!
DO NOT cross a picket line!

my favorite QA co-worker just sent this my way as a palate cleanser on a rough day, and it is soooooooo good that I just had to pass it along.

maybe don't play this in front of the kids if they're not the type to handle profanity and the phrase "eat my ass" well.

Looking for the perfect gift for that special hacker/supervillain/gender criminal in your life? I've got a sale running in my shop for the next four weeks! 20% off clearance merch, plus $5 off any regular merch purchase of $30 or more!

Sean Gallagher over at Ars Technica has been writing a "Securing your digital life" series and he just wrapped up with the finale which is "Debunking worthless “security” practices"


The longest lunar eclipse in centuries will happen this week.

The “nearly total” lunar eclipse is expected overnight Thursday, Nov. 18, to Friday, Nov. 19. The eclipse will last 3 hours, 28 minutes and 23 seconds, making it the longest in centuries.

For U.S. East Coast observers, the partial eclipse begins a little after 2 a.m., reaching its maximum at 4 in the morning, for observers on the West Coast, that translates to beginning just after 11 p.m., with a maximum at 1 a.m.

lighting three scented candles so I can trip and fall into hell

Animatic of what the the closing of a chapter of my comic would be if it were a cartoon.

Happy Circulatory System Walking Through The Kitchen Day

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