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i like big butts and i cannot die

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if you wanna be my plover, you gotta get with my wrens

i rotate my ass toward you and fire out an egg in your direction. you catch it gently in your wooden spoon and that's what field day is. i hope you're excited, honey

michigan motto: "if you seek a pleasant peninsula, where you can legally rent a car between the ages of 18 and 24, look about you"

ages to look forward to:
10 (double digits)
16 (sweet sixteen, the year i did not get a party despite the promises of films and television programs)
18 (legally able to purchase cigarettes, open a bank account, and be killed by the government in a variety of ways)
21 (finally considered a real adult by everyone except rental car companies)
25 (rent a car in all U.S. states, not just michigan)
42 (the nerd number)
69 (nice)
100 (either dead or on the Today Show)

Sam Raimi Spider-Man and Evil Dead trilogy parallels:
1st movie: strong base-line, establishes the universe and is good, but not great.
2nd movie: abbreviated retelling of the first, and then a genre-defining classic
3rd movie: Absurdity cranked up to 11, audiences love it or hate it, but talk about it years later more than the others, has an evil Bruce Campbell in it.

PSA for anyone from a defunct instance who still wants to view their archive, and cant because it's all json:

I made a python script that generates a human-readable html page from you're archive that you can open in your browser to view your old posts.

If you've got python installed, just plop it into the archive, run it, and open the new "processed_archive.html" file it makes in your web browser to read your archive!

Trying a new thing on here called . Each week I'll post a randomly chosen word to serve as inspiration. If you want to participate, just write a poem inspired by the word.

No rules after that. It can be any type of poem that you choose. Spend the whole week working on it ... or just write down your first thoughts. Share your poem with the hashtag ... or don't and keep it for yourself. Either are totally valid.

This week's word of inspiration is: untidy

boost to cause 1d8 bite damage to an enemy's timeline

The people who didn't like the Last Jedi are going to HATE my fan fiction about VA Holdo's soul getting trapped inside Johnny 5 from Short Circuit

Clip Studio is on SUPER BLA-BLAZO SALE again ($25 standard, $110 for the version with lots of extra options for animation and comics layout stuff), so if you're looking for a good art program that won't cost you an arm and a leg, why not check it out?

it's friday and you know what that means: it's time to buy cat food

I trained a neural net on the 1910 edition of Apples of New York, and it generated some seriously weird new heirloom apples.

If any of y'all are planning an RPG or just like playing with maps, this fantasy map generator is AMAZING. In fact, most of this dude's projects are extremely my brand.

For sale: Vintage Mayor McCheese Action Figure (Nude, 1976)

you: sorry, whats that?

me: uhh, well i mean i can't really explain it, just look it up, google is your friend, jus--- *shakes head vigerously* fuck,!!! Google ain't your friend! duck duck go it. go it. duck the fuck outta it. put that question to the duck my friend. Duck it. or go to a library & ask them. say "can you duck this for me" like that. "can you duck this fact to tell me its true". thats what you say now

The Hamster Dance website turned TWENTY years old last month.

stanley kubrick didnt fake the moon landing you raging paranoiacs. it was roger corman. under budget and on time. the way its supposed to be done

Does anyone have recommendations for furry artists currently taking commissions (feel free to recommend yourself).

if ever someone says "no pun intended," a pun was definitely intended