every generation has their own tv show about the anxieties of being in their thirties

people in their thirties are obsessed with being in their thirties. feels like a significant number

anyway my point was my spouse and i finished tuca and bertie last night. great show, highly recommended

@wolfteeth it’s like the one decade society permits you to be taken seriously instead of being Too Young or Too Old

@wolfteeth which is INTENSELY bullshit, but when has society ever not been bullshit tbh

@irisjaycomics the weirdest thing about it is i don't feel "taken seriously" and i don't feel like i've reached my ultimate form in any sense. the decade when the scales fall away and it becomes clear no one knows anything about anything

@wolfteeth god, yeah, it’s just varying degrees of high school anarchy forever. my Saturn return is this summer and I’ve been thinking about this shit a bunch too

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