i just realized this ruth etting recording is dated 1929 and makes a crack about avoiding stocks and bonds. ouch. the helen kane version includes that line, too, but it's a little less sassy-sounding somehow.


in case you were wondering after listening to that: helen kane was the direct inspiration for the character of betty boop

this is making me want to go down a hole of fleischer cartoons. i'm not sure if their "screen songs" series (which popularized the "follow the bouncing ball" style of sing-along) is what established their relationship with the music industry, or if existing connections are what allowed them to create that series. but they have some amazing cartoons featuring early jazz performers. cab calloway is in several of them (voice and rotoscoped performance as a character)

you watch this early stuff and a lot of it feels surprisingly fresh. later fleischer (late 1930s and onward) got depressingly bland, but the early stuff is wild


1934 was when the hays code started being enforced on the studios, so that explains a lot about the timing

@wolfteeth I'm watching them now. I've never actually seen those, they're fascinatingly surreal and the music is so good!

@Ormur the earliest ones especially were very much "oh wouldn't that be a cool thing to draw" extended for 6-8 minutes

@wolfteeth This first one is you linked is mostly just a bad trip in a cemetery.

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