staring at the weird gamer memes on the discord loading screen and instantly withering into a wizened crone who must depart for a solitary life deep in the darkest woods

in twenty years a young adventurer finds me in my hut, bent over a bubbling cauldron. i look up with one blind eye and ask my most dangerous riddle: "what is a gamer?"

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@wolfteeth I play video games basically every day barring incident or injury and I STILL find them unpleasant and mystifying. Still hoping for a Boring Mode toggle where it'll just say "Loading" when it's spinning up.

@Ferrovore i'm at a point in my life where i'm just like, "this is for the youths. i'm not willing to put forth whatever effort is required to understand this reference. i know i would find the answer unsatisfying." and then i dig a hole in the loam and line it with moss and live there for the rest of my days

@wolfteeth Basically it's just "monkey cheese ninja spork bacon" but in more modern parlance, you're missing nothing.

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