@wolfteeth it's a parody of a chick tract. I love (??) that it's so hard to tell when they're parodies because real ones went so hard

@DirkGrundy haha, it's a parody? it's IMPOSSIBLE to tell, they nailed the style

@wolfteeth actually now that I look up the artist, I don't think it is a parody. it's just wwhen I saw it was illustrated by someone who works for Marvel I assumed. but it's from Truth For Youth which was written by Jack Chick. aaaaaa

@DirkGrundy i just looked that up -- ugggh. i was hoping i could get a higher-res scan of that page, but apparently there's a new edition that's like manga-influenced in style, and that's all that comes up now

@wolfteeth lol that guy behind him. I'm imagining him doing a full on Hank Hill WAAHHHHHH anguish cry

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