anyone out there know what happened to monsterpit? i haven't heard anything about a planned shutdown, but i've seen seen folks talking about them being gone. all their domains no longer resolve for me. are they gone forever?

i don't always get the gossip, so maybe i just missed it if they made an announcement. but i'd like to know


based on private replies, sounds like monsterpit's admin just didn't want to run it anymore. which is fine! sad to see it go though

@wolfteeth we need a replacement now, so I can make an account and never use it despite intending to. if only there was a tweetdeck sort of thing for mastodon so I could be logged into multiple things here

@DirkGrundy yeah, i always forgot about it. i recently found a desktop app called whalebird that lets you be logged into multiple accounts in the same app, which might help!

as for alternatives, i've seen some people drift to for AD accounts, but i did like the monstery theme

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