Do any of the US TV networks still do weekday after-school programming for kids or did that all get sucked up by cable and streaming?

@srol i've been wondering this myself. do kids even watch regular tv? i thought they all just watched unboxing videos and weird youtube shit

@wolfteeth I'm not sure how representative my nephews are, but the older one only watches Fortnite and Minecraft streams and the younger one only watches the movie Pets. Just Pets, over and over.

@srol i feel like there was kind of something magical about the absolutely shit situation of having to watch whatever was on. that's how i know i'm old

@wolfteeth I've actually been feeling that really hard as the pandemic drags on. On the last night of the weekend last week it took me like 45 minutes just to decide what I was in the mood to do and was like "What if I just turned on the TV and stopped making decisions for a while?"


@srol yeah, i feel that too. don't have cable or antenna tho so i just scroll aimlessly through stuff on streaming

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