@mark i was looking through my old photos and this came up

"hundreds of vehicles with SLIGHT damage" is maybe my favorite advertising slogan of all time

i have only played the bunnies and burrows GURPS game, which uses a tiny subset of skills/abilities in the game because all players are rabbits. sjgames.com/gurps/books/Bunnie

check out that fucking cover though

on a laptop with a small enough screen that it's both very easy and very satisfying to shrink the elephant friend mellified.men/media/rmAUH-Zu6s

i think i finally have the perfect header image, the one that adequately conveys to the fediverse that i know unix mellified.men/media/UrJZTlNN27

re: my familiar from the wizardbot, i just looked up what a firecrest is and i guess my familiar is a saucy little bird

scenes of post-halloween devastation

not pictured: an enormous squirrel i saw shoveling pumpkin seeds into its mouth from the front of a demolished jack-o-lantern

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