Top five ways to say it's raining:

5. It's really coming down
4. It's raining
3. The heavens have opened
2. Hell's opened and demons are attacking heaven but God turned them into water and now their corpses are falling on us
1. The stars are peeing

@tom my top tier lotion is eucerin intensive repair. i live in a very dry place, the danger of scaliness is real even without constant handwashing

@Ormur yeah 12GB should be a noticeable difference. of course there are tricks to the whole thing tho -- i.e. is the model upgradeable at all, how many slots are actually on the board, etc. i'm told performance suffers if the DIMMs are different capacities but i don't think it should cancel out the benefits of just having more RAM

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@Ormur tbh i think it's really more about market forces in this case. pressure for more powerful home computers has really eased off as people shifted more to phones/tablets. but on the bright side a high-end machine from 5-7 years ago is still totally usable

@Ormur i guess the other question is: how much memory does the old laptop have, and were you happy with its performance? if it was 8GB (or less!) and you were satisfied, 8GB will probably suit you fine on a newer machine

@Ormur 8GB would probably be adequate, just might get sluggish under the load of a lot of tabs. i got used to 16GB a while back, so i'm spoiled. if you were buying a desktop i'd say sure, improve it later, but with a laptop it might be impossible or impractical to upgrade components - i don't really have any insight on which models are better or worse for that. so you should buy one with specs you're willing to live with for a while

@Ormur in PCs brand is near meaningless so you gotta look at the specs. basically your use case indicates you want one with a lot of RAM (16GB probably - 8GB is the bare minimum) and you don't care about the video card

Let he who has never been Problematic cast the first stone

@Ferrovore i figured people were already going down that rathole, no pun intended

my favorite takeaways:

- the art always sold well at the PBS auction
- the artist only stopped selling there because some viewers called in to complain one year, so the station stopped auctioning erotic art altogether in fear of losing their FCC license

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If you or someone you know is the owner of this illustrious work of art, please email We are offering $1000 to the owner, and $20,000 to their nearest food bank. We make a lot of jokes, but this is not one of them.


the world's oldest man reveals the secret to his old age

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