while we're talking about schoolhouse rock: wild that the furries have ignored Lucky Seven Sampson this whole time youtube.com/watch?v=WF6zYs91uh

Enjoyed this interview with Max from Eve 6 about the band's twitter account, radical honesty as a bit, and that guy from Third Eye Blind:


@maxeddy i'm usually interested in the reputation of the company running it, since trust is a big factor. also whether they log/monetize user activity (same issue)

if you put an infinite number of monkeys in front of an infinite number of typewriters and gave them an infinite amount of time, one of them would eventually compose the complete works of william shatner

now here is something I truly despise about my day job 

@Leucrotta when my past teams used the liked/learned/etc format it was "liked, learned, loathed, longed for" -- i.e. half things that went well, half things that need improvement. if you're not encouraged to give negative feedback, the process is 100% useless

@tek agreed. i'm not too sympathetic to facebook and twitter myself, but it's a hell of a legal precedent to say a private company can't make decisions about what speech they promote

@spinner_8 i still don't know what fleets are because i only use tweetdeck. i am content in that lack of knowledge. some things in this world weren't meant to be known

@Leucrotta i always like seeing you around here! sorry you had a rough day

"When the time comes you cannot put sand in a toilet." --Charles Mingus

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birds should stand on the guitar neck. they have 1 toe for each string. and then both wings free for strumming

trying to think good thoughts today. like the fact that legendary jazz musician charles mingus trained his cat to use the toilet and wrote an instructional pamphlet about the process: charlesmingus.com/mingus/cat-t

@DirkGrundy yeah, i always forgot about it. i recently found a desktop app called whalebird that lets you be logged into multiple accounts in the same app, which might help! whalebird.social/

as for alternatives, i've seen some people drift to yiff.life for AD accounts, but i did like the monstery theme

based on private replies, sounds like monsterpit's admin just didn't want to run it anymore. which is fine! sad to see it go though

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@noiob hmm, that's a hint anyway. part of what's so weird to me is their adjacent services (chat, blogging, nextcloud, etc) don't resolve either

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