@srol i still think about these like... all the time. they burrowed into my brain and they live there now

@srol oh shit get the fuck out of here fuck we're all dead get the fuck out

The Bugs Bunny Hare-Brained Adventure (Riedel Software Productions/Hi-Tech Expressions, 1990) #DOSGaming

birdsite but lol 

@tek alarmed but pleased that some twisted soul actually approved and installed the "racing toilets" configuration

So indigenous Australians have told geographically accurate stories about rising sea levels that happened after the last ice age, and the stories have stayed accurate for about 10 000 years.

Goes to show that oral tradition can be accurate and extinction of indigenous languages can lead to a permanent loss of information about the world — which of course are not new claims.


@selfsame where is the toad parent who made this little guy stand in the corner thinking about what he's done


@jgarfink yeah i still wear my mask in stores, etc. i get spooked!

@elecray7k all my old country buffet memories boil down to feeling very sick after eating at old country buffet. lord, i miss it

I wrote about stumbling upon a copy of Dreamcast multimedia email software DreamFlyer for $1, learning about the PinkRabbit family of software it’s based on and compatible with, and liberating the computer versions from time bomb code. Hope you enjoy! jessicastokes.net/blog/2021/06

@srol i've noticed a lot of it in the last few years too. it's been done for a long time with background components/effects in otherwise 2d animation. doing it with characters always seems like a weird choice tho, in part because decent cg is actually really expensive. like why not just have people draw that part. it's probably cheaper

A pride flag for people who's sexuality is dying in the jungle, as inspired by the cover of Pitfall for 2600

@jgarfink are you on android? might be regular sms spam appearing on signal if signal is set as your default sms app

@jgarfink i have no idea. i haven't been getting anything like that

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