doc. i been on the body engineering forums. ive talked to Large Harold. ive talked to him on private message. i need a blood test. i think i might be missing some important DLL files

made a little goobely. it's neat stuff! A lot like aves apoxie but oderless and less residue on your hands. Kind of like sculpting with bubble gum but you can smooth it with rubbing alcohol

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going to the post office tomorrow, if anyone wants a little polymer desk toy they're up at

@srol i'd call them computer reference books, but some of them are more how-tos. i have a couple of their perl books (which is kind of an arcane language and benefits from a definitive text)

I love this child. Also the editor who made this chyron graphic.

Relevant to yesterday’s webcomics discourse, I just re-stumbled upon this essay about how messed up the state of building one’s first website has become.

HTML isn’t hard, the environment we make websites in now is hard but for no good reason.

highly recommend "A Frog he would A-wooing go" as a nursery rhymes. Take whatever verses you feel like memorizing from , for an example of a way to sing it check out . There are of 1800s phrases to keep your tired brain awake, and its super long and meandering so the kid gets less bored. The frog remembering to take his opera hat with him when he flees the violence is my favorite bit.

You and me both little Paper-Towel-Dispenser-In-The-Bathroom-Of-A-Greek-American-Diner-In-Downtown-Everett. You and me both.

food poll 

@srol toaster oven, if i bother reheating at all. cold pizza forever cold pizza for life

@irisjaycomics iiiii didn't know this was a consensus, but i did kinda feel like it was a thing? like in online art in general, not just comics

Reading Lovecraft 

@elecray7k At the Mountains of Madness is really the best of his stories. i feel like he had a lot of compelling IDEAS and generally pretty crummy execution, for the reasons you pointed out. he goes above and beyond to make sure you know he likes racism and eugenics

@elecray7k @Ormur i mean that seems plausible as the ACTUAL reason. in michigan they were illegal until the mid '90s because they were thought to be vicious and attack people all the time

@Ormur ah, the reasons cited in CA and nyc are "they're going to escape and form feral colonies" which like... hasn't happened anywhere else in north america. for a few different reasons. i dunno, i think it's bogus, they're a domesticated animal like a dog or cat

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