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@snoozlebee this is the thing that totally blew my mind when i read a press release about it. i think the creators of this movie may NOT be familiar with the concept themselves

@srol i'm certain that song is about being Sad Horny which i guess is a kind of traditional christmas emotion

@DirkGrundy let's just reuse some old footage he recorded for gollum

@DirkGrundy "we need to make sonic look disgusting. kids should NOT want him to arrive in our dimension"

@Bonesnail in the sonic multiverse, this is the worst of the evil sonics. worse than the one who wears a leather jacket in an early issue of the archie sonic comic

does he have a chin? if so, i think the first angel has already broken their seal and sounded their trumpet

i hate the new sonic with human arms and legs. horrible

I ALSO didn't post this one anywhere! I don't think I even intended this to be a zine submission. Anyway my fav part of this is the little guy in the lantern.

it occurs to me now that I never posted this drawing anywhere! It was for a fantasy zine that just kinda fizzled out, so I might as well put it somewhere. Gave me an excuse to do some more fancy rendering, anyway!

This old piece of Sonic promotional art has a lot of implications, and none of them are good.

"Fuck answering riddles," the harpy said, wings unfurling. "Pay me three compliments instead."

#dnd #fantasy #microstory #mastoart

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