@nev oh yeah, and for files related to a specific project or something like that, folders are a good solution. i find them most useful for images tho, like i have personal photos and my art and other people's art and cool stuff i downloaded, and the searchability is close to zero

A story so horrific I am forcing you all to share my pain. I expressed disbelief, but teacher friends on Twitter confirmed it is indeed A Thing.

Students These Days don't understand directory structure, like literally the concept of files organized in folders, reports Monica Chin for Verge: theverge.com/22684730/students #computeing 🐘

@nev on the one hand i'm horrified, but on the other, i think this is hardly new. 90s kids will remember the horror of trying to help an older relative with a computer task and seeing a desktop congested with hundreds of disorganized files. i am not one to tell someone how to use their computer, but the understanding gap for me is like... even if you can search for things, the idea of putting different things in different buckets is still useful

@Leucrotta there's appeal in the first idea, but i'm always in the second camp myself

thinking about apes. man's best friend, the friendly ape of the forest

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Medieval holiday we should bring back

Reviewing the calendar I see that this coming Sunday is Stanislov Petrov Day. There are many famous military figures responsible for countless deaths. Petrov is a lesser known military figure responsible for preventing countless deaths by preventing the start of a nuclear war.

Stanisław Lem's 1964 story, published in English for the first time, tells the tale of a scientist in an insane asylum theorizing that the sun is alive.


Not to be incendiary, but there are aspects to working in 2400 dpi that I don't like.

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