@Gargron i'd agree there's no need on the frontpage. IMO some instances may find it valuable to display on another publicly-accessible page, but i hope that will remain an option admins can turn on/off as desired

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@jk i don't need so much technology. this is too much technology. take some of it away

me, 10 years ago: i love the techology. give me the new technology. the absolutely NEWEST technology. them new gadgets

me, now: i have the gadgets. i have found them. i have them now. they work and they're fine. i've finally solved the problem of the gadgets. because now i have the gadgets and here they are. i want to keep these now, forever, because the problem is solved, so i can just keep using them forever. please let me just use these things. no stop changing everything. for fucks sake

@Ormur i love that it took a weird old hunter from the forest to tell them it was a wolf. everyone else was just like "huh, interesting dog"

@Leucrotta honestly that sounds more fun though. i am a classic online roleplayer in that i NEVER want my character to die without my explicit consent

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@selfsame in fairness "python egg" is a rare great programming name

@erinbee yeah, i miss that. part of the fun was discovering surprising stuff, too. i feel like netflix surfaces maybe 80 different items for me in the browsing sections, and i know their collection is bigger than that

@Ormur nobody knows. it's the eternal mystery of human life. skeletons sometimes appear a long time after someone dies. i think a guy comes and swaps them out

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my whole account should probably be cw'd for body horror. just to save time. i can't stop talking about the time i awoke to find myself transformed into a monstrous vermin

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