hey NERDS, thank you for LOVING and RESPECTING me

embracing the idea of letting my phone "rest" like a piece of cooked meat

putting on wrist braces in preparation for a full workday of good old-fashioned american cybering

@irisjaycomics yeah she has a LOT more going on. really everyone has a lot more going on

@irisjaycomics oh dang let me know how vicious is. i've been meaning to get to that one! i just bought the shades of magic books today because i loved them so goddamn much

@irisjaycomics oh shit. i've been looking for a good alternative to indesign

Also hey!!! It's #SmallBusinessSaturday! I've got COOL COMICS AND STICKERS up in @itsnero 's and my shared online shop, in case you're hankering for luxurious cyber products to enjoy in meatspace! store.irisjay.net

thank god cyber monday is coming up, the only day when the joy of cybering is internationally recognized

@tek oh yeah, definitely. for anything nontrivial i use an application intended for layout. but i was trained in indesign and still feel like it's basically impenetrable without formal training. the kind of formatting most people regularly need (resume, flyer, report, etc.) is so simple that DTP apps are overkill anyway. a time and a place for all things

@tek scrivener is SO GOOD. i think people like word entirely because of the formatting features tbh. it's like a starter version of desktop publishing. there are better desktop publishing apps but they are HARD to learn

@Ferrovore i'm at a point in my life where i'm just like, "this is for the youths. i'm not willing to put forth whatever effort is required to understand this reference. i know i would find the answer unsatisfying." and then i dig a hole in the loam and line it with moss and live there for the rest of my days

in twenty years a young adventurer finds me in my hut, bent over a bubbling cauldron. i look up with one blind eye and ask my most dangerous riddle: "what is a gamer?"

staring at the weird gamer memes on the discord loading screen and instantly withering into a wizened crone who must depart for a solitary life deep in the darkest woods

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