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only just realized there was actually a new king kong vs. godzilla movie. i thought you guys were all just really into the 1963 movie

Remember those things at the fair where you throw an oversized baseball at a button and it makes the person in the water tank fall into the water and drown?

If we could read the stars, they would say "Collision detection will be updated in the next patch."

I hope this email finds you living in a shotgun shack
I hope this email finds you in another part of the world
I hope this email finds you behind the wheel of a large automobile
I hope this email finds you in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife

One thing that takes up too much real estate in my mind is the time Anne Rice had beef with the founder of Popeyes Chicken, so she took out a full page in the newspaper to give one of his restaurants a scathing review from the point of view of the vampire Lestat.

@elecray7k there are a couple free apps out there but far fewer than i expected

from twitter, if you ever feel like philosophy is getting too dull, just take a minute to enjoy these bizarre statues of Aristotle being ridden around by Phyllis:

@rootsworks the way you created the silhouettes of the birds is REALLY cool

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