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are you there god, it's me, babe: pig in the city

tfw your host body's messed up pets won't share their garbage with you >:C

honestly you can't easily mock something that mocks itself quite so viciously as that

for the record: that "mickey rooney's potato fantasy" ad is not real, but is in fact a parody made to mock his real restaurant chain, "mickey rooney's weenie world"

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heeey folks, tonight I'm doing SLAM FOR HOPE, vancouver's annual charity pog tournament! we're raising money for bc children's hospital foundation. come to mount pleasant neighbourhood house at 7 to play! no pogs required, I got thousands of them for you to grab & slam! also, check out the art for our commemorative pog that @irisjaycomics made!

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I think I'm done looking at this for the night.

I'd like to make patches or something eventually. Pretty happy with the readability of the devil heads and the goat.

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See the problem with the Howard the Duck movie isn't that Lea Thompson wants to fuck a muppet, she puts in an admirable performance, it's that the muppet itself is so unfuckable.

* large
* majestic
* four legs
* hoof
* carapace
* mane
* the way he eats oats from a hand
* pincers

gazing at a picture of a rabbit and thinking, "gosh, that's a big bug"

because i am utterly predictable and also spend most of my time writhing around under a stone, i am VERY excited to have just heard about the ballad of buster scruggs

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