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i'm pretty sure dubstep is actually for old people now

old timey tin pan alley music. thats what the kids like nowadays right? skrillex's rendition of "button up your overcoat"

๐Ÿ we now have ๐Ÿฏ B R A N D I N G ๐Ÿฏ

a cat is basically a tiny roommate with terrible habits that chases you around with knives in its hands

Boost this and I will passive-aggressively complain that you've boosted it

๐Ÿ admin 

๐Ÿ admin 

[me, trying to explain the appeal of the fediverse] you see, i want to post online, but i don't want any of my posts to be popular

Write what you know, and then add a bunch of dumb magical bullshit to it.

Public Domain Day Is Finally Here!.

Copyrighted Works Have Entered the Public Domain Today for the First Time in 21 Years:

And here we go, a little goblin to close out the year.

This is my half of an art trade with @wolfteeth, and sometimes it boggles my mind thinking about how long we've known one another on some level of personal interaction. The Internet is wild!

drawing for an art trade with @wolfteeth ! it's gul dukat and his favorite word!

watched a video of a flock of chickens walking toward the camera with purpose and suddenly felt a primal fear of dinosaurs

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