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it's surprising in the sense that it's perfectly appropriate. like the joy of seeing the conclusion to a mystery and suddenly recognizing how all the clues fit into place

BREAKING NEWS: the mountain goats are releasing an album in late april about dungeons and dragons, officially endorsed/promoted by wizards of the coast.

[sits bolt upright in bed] live television is still a thing?!

i carefully adjust a canvas hanging on my wall. it's like one of those "live laugh love" wall hangings, written in curly script, except it says "i love to cry"

"who left a nice treat for me on my desk??!" i scream to the stars

emoji commissions open! (also kind of asking for help, abuse mention) 

just went outside to check out the super blood wolf moon. it rules

🐝 admin 

🐝 admin 

i mean sure i could probably find a human that fits that description but they'd look less charming in the tiny vest

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