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I don't know what it says about the respective languages that I feel the limitations of Icelandic most when writing about sci-fi and erotica and the limitations of English when writing about sour dairy products.

If you use a special whistle to get free long distance, that's phone phreaking. If you use a special whistle to get your dog to pay attention to you, that's dog phreaking

it's friday motherfuckerrrrrrrs!!! time to get ready to [sleep for the entire weekend]

Me: Can Mastodon be successful? Do we provide a different enough proof-of-work for gaining social capital that people have incentives to switch to us?

Mastodon: Let's talk about tentacle dicks

have the Lon Lon Egg in your
inventory, she ll trade you her
Ghastly Doll.
Take Maple's Ghastly Doll to
Spool Swamp and visit Mrs.

scavenger hunt:

- someone who still gets excited every sunday night for new episodes of the simpsons

Going to the Louvre to see the original ASCII middle finger.

February's sketchbook PDF is now available! The first patron-sponsored comic is also up- check it out if you like femme tops and demon porn. If you like my work, this is the easiest way to support me (and you don't need Patreon to subscribe)!

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( #nsfw #art #mastoart #patreon #webcomics #comics )

just got a mass email that didn't have my name correctly plugged into the template, and i gotta say: the phrase "Dear [salutation]" is a big mood

if I had a monkey's paw I would simply wish for the rest of the monkey

"where is my non-photo blue pencil?!" i scream to the stars

i'm listening to those new singles again and getting REALLY pumped for whatever new album these will be on

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