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well jail me in an enormous prism and call it a day

spent some time in the farm supply store looking at the survivalist throwing knives

@wolfteeth In this TED Talk, I’ll explain the β€œMedia Dimension” theory first posited in the Gex series of action platformer documentaries, and its impact on modern filmmaking

loki from avengers exists in the same universe where crimson peak occurred. spend the rest of your life untangling those strings, my friend

all movies occur in the same cinematic universe. dont ask me how. i don't know how it works, it's just a fact

[staring out the car window at some cows] i wish _i_ was in a field eating grass

being freaked out by the passage of time probably isn't normal, but here we are

[southern belle voice] well guide my dungeon master

weather underground... they made a vow, the weather would be found

what's UP y'all, i'm a smut artist who's trans as fuck (she/her) and i strive to make fun, kinky pornography that's genderqueer-inclusive & body-positive even at its weirdest. LET ME PUT SOME STRANGE NEW IDEAS IN YOUR HEAD: (adults only!)

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