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love to constantly update my apps. gimme those new updates, baby!!! give 'em to me every week! especially for the apps i only use about once every six months

sounds like i need to watch tuca qnd bertie because it's a lisa hanawalt joint about bird tits

Also I should probably mention that my webcomic Crossed Wires is free to read online! Over three hundred pages of HACKIN' ACTION with a side of EMOTIONS. Chapter 3 is kicking off soon, so now's a great time to catch up! #FreeComicBookDay

Wow! Free Comic Book Day? If you do not define a book based on whether or not it's a physical bound volume, perhaps read this comic about dating gay monsters

As Gregor Sansa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a mid-2000s MP3 player.

let me be clear: i have not seen avengers endgame or uh the previous one whose title i cannot remember

forget this thanos bozo. no one wants to kiss him. i have to assume that's why he's evil

let πŸ‘ the πŸ‘ avengers πŸ‘ kiss πŸ‘

i'd be more okay with these "bumping action figures into each other" movies if there was more kissing and less punching

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