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i'm not really interested in ever going to vegas. just not much of a gambler. i do know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em, and that's "usually"

This #comic is giving human politeness, not humane politeness. Such is the way of the midwesterner.

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So one of the things about when I'm trying to write, is that I keep writing jokes that are too dirty for my comic, but luckily, at this point, I have an outlet for them

cw: rude sex language

The newest internet trend, one of those Jib-Jab things where you put your face on an elf, except it's "Hey boy, Hey boy" from American Astronaut.

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"The real best girl is..."
*holds a mirror up to your face*
*punches the back of the mirror out so you're seeing me again*

[southern belle voice] well rock my big candy mountain

When they're eating her and you know they're going to start eating you

tfw you realize that nilbog is goblin spelled backwards

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