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Every American Baseball mascot may as well be named "Mr. Dogshit" for how nice they look.

when you meet new people, ask yourself this: how valuable would their teeth be on the open market? could you conceivably extract and sell their teeth without arousing suspicion?

comics artist jeremy sorese is in the hospital after being randomly attacked. please support him if you have any funds to help. thanks

thank you for following me before it was cool. as a sidenote, though, it will probably never be cool

i never post to the public TL because i like being a cult phenomenon

[as my monstrous form slowly claws its way out of the bog] pobodys........ nerfect.......

hiring movers to transport my large collection of luftballons

interviewer: so what are your career goals

me: well, in the long term, i'd like to be a wastrel

the name's Fuck ManWolf, and I'm here to lose my glasses and fall down a ravine

I here to worship gods and sob uncontrollably and I'm all out of gods

sneaking into your house to feed your pet a tiny bit of yogurt from a spoon

WONDERING WHAT THE HELL "QUEER VILLAIN PRIDE" IS? Here's a handy little write-up summarizing the ideas behind the flag's design:

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