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software is amazing. for one thing, none of it works

teens are the only people who are any good at online video

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just updated us to mastodon v2.9.3. this is a bugfix version. web users: please refresh the web UI for the new version!

release notes:

Testing out importing rooms directly into Clip for reference instead of taking pictures in Blender.
Featuring Tisl's EPIC TAKEDOWN of bathrooms.

the location of the boys cannot be determined at this time. but they were last seen heading back to town

an 'Arnold Palmer' is half lemonade half golf course pond water

"goin' muddin'," i say, as i get on my four wheeler and drive to the cybercafé to log on to a text-based role-playing game

today's update believes that the real villain of Ghostbusters in the ineffectual bureaucracy of 80s New York City.

Most of my comic is not about Ghostbusters, but feel free to read it anyway:

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all i demand of my online experience is the ability to click on a picture of a rabbit

champagne for my cyber friends
cyber pain for my sham friends

hyenas are a famously horny animal with ambiguous gender/sexuality and they laugh when they're scared. most relatable creature on earth

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