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🎶 through whoever you've been 🎶
🎶 through whoever you'll be 🎶
🎶 through whatever you lose 🎶
🎶 you will always have me 🎶

transforming into a pygmy marmoset, sneaking into your home, and licking all the knobs on your stove

i've been afraid of death my whole life, ever since that evil skeleton bit me in the face as a toddler

the jesus of the looney tunes universe has to be a hell of a guy. throwing dynamite at the moneylenders in the temple. walking on water by simply not looking down. rolling aside the stone door of his tomb, looking at the camera and saying "ain't i a stinker"

the later design went too far in the other direction, so now among the top search results for tweety bird are weird religious memes. tweety bird believes in jesus and wants to witness to you

tweety bird's original design was based on how disgusting baby birds look

@wolfteeth there really isn't any greater level of friendship than "horse fight". also i love you and i'm gonna take you apart, you equine abomination

biting everyone i meet with my awful horse mouth. feed me an apple with a flat hand you incompetent buffoon

transforming into a powerful stallion to fight all my friends

the national bird of america is the toilet. look in the sky and you might see one

Analysis of the Seikilos Epitaph and comparison to modern themes 

The Seikilos Epitaph is the world's oldest surviving complete musical composition (including notation), from the 1st or 2nd century AD. This Ancient Greek musical notation was found inscribed on a memorial monument in a Hellenistic area of what is now Turkey.

An English translation of the lyrics:

"While you live, shine
have no grief at all
life exists only for a short while
and Time demands his due."

And this same sentiment has carried on in song through to the 20th century:

don't forget to like and subscribe, and do NOT look behind you, and do NOT eat the pomegranate seeds

wait was paul mccartney alive this whole time

twitter thread link, NSFW demon porn book promo 

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