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Crusher: would give you cat ears for the sake of the mission

Pulaski: "get the fuck out of my office"

Bones: youd have to bribe him with a nice bourbon

EMH: Doesnt understand how this constitutes a medical emergency

Phlox: would do it for you, but at great moral cost

Bashir: "Sure thing. Want a tail too?"

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Pas vraiment un inktober, mais j'illustre en ce moment les 64 mini têtes de chapitres de Cheese, le recueil d'histoire awkward/marrantes/cul d'Edam Edam. J'espère finir bientôt et que ça vous plaira surtout <3

once a week someone comes and steals all of the garbage out of my trashcans. then i have to set about filling them up all over again

computer software has a certain quality that is like the intersection between aesthetics and usefulness, but i'm having a hard time coming up with any word for it except "mouthfeel"

the humans simply must reward my dreadful goose behaviors

i want to play that goose game everyone's talking about

🎶 through whoever you've been 🎶
🎶 through whoever you'll be 🎶
🎶 through whatever you lose 🎶
🎶 you will always have me 🎶

transforming into a pygmy marmoset, sneaking into your home, and licking all the knobs on your stove

i've been afraid of death my whole life, ever since that evil skeleton bit me in the face as a toddler

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