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[chanting] clown fear clown fear CLOWN FEAR CLOWN FEAR

Crusher: would give you cat ears for the sake of the mission

Pulaski: "get the fuck out of my office"

Bones: youd have to bribe him with a nice bourbon

EMH: Doesnt understand how this constitutes a medical emergency

Phlox: would do it for you, but at great moral cost

Bashir: "Sure thing. Want a tail too?"

Pas vraiment un inktober, mais j'illustre en ce moment les 64 mini têtes de chapitres de Cheese, le recueil d'histoire awkward/marrantes/cul d'Edam Edam. J'espère finir bientôt et que ça vous plaira surtout <3

once a week someone comes and steals all of the garbage out of my trashcans. then i have to set about filling them up all over again

computer software has a certain quality that is like the intersection between aesthetics and usefulness, but i'm having a hard time coming up with any word for it except "mouthfeel"

Taking this moment to rep a game from an internet friend of mine: Tenderfoot Tactics.

Do you like Goblins? Do you like Final Fantasy Tactics? Yur in Luck buddy. And there's a free demo. Check it out, hype it up. etc.

the humans simply must reward my dreadful goose behaviors

i want to play that goose game everyone's talking about

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