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attention all students and staff. awoooooo. that is all

PLUS! Don't forget to pledge to our Kickstarter campaign for BOOK OF SHADOWS: BUFFOMET-- it ends on November 6th! Support our awesome LGBTQ+ demon erotica anthology! #kickstarter #nsfw #demons

UPDATE: We just passed halfway! Hell yes! ~260 USA-based backers of the physical book pledge will get us there in no time!

Maybe give YOURSELF a treat this All Hallow's Eve and support our beautiful queer erotica artbook, BOOK OF SHADOWS: BUFFOMET! #kickstarter #spookyLGBTQ #baphomet #erotica

let me be clear: i have never been afraid of a ghost. in fact, busting makes me feel good

halloween's great, as easy as giving candy to a baby. or alternately, taking candy from an adult in a well-proscribed ritual

i forgot to make a costume, but you know, in my heart it is halloween every day. by the way, my heart looks like this

just once i'd like to go for a leisurely stroll in the sewer without being pursued by a carnivorous evil clown

sometimes you wish to experience the simple delight of solving a rubik's cube without inviting all of hell's perverse abominations into your home

i loathe the days when i blow a few notes on an ancient flute i found on the beach and subsequently find myself menaced by a malevolent spirit

i simply detest when i enter a normal-looking house and it begins to fill with secret passages leading to dark, silent pocket dimensions

DING DONG, SEX IMPS! It's your daily BOOK OF SHADOWS: BUFFOMET promotional post! We've got just six days to raise $12K! Show your support for LGBTQ+ erotica artists, back our cool demon smut book, and SEIZE THE UNHOLY POWER YOU WERE ALWAYS FATED TO WIELD. #kickstarter

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