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a newborn horse looks exactly like an adult horse. no identifiable differences

a newborn kangaroo looks like a newborn mouse. same size, too. a newborn mouse looks like a pencil eraser

newborn puppies and kittens look like a slightly melted version of a puppy or kitten

newborn babies always look a little too fresh. not ripe yet

furries should have extra butt tabs for their tails

for the record there have been a LOT of hot poets

my darlings, my darlings, i have great news: it's soup season

Birds of the Royal, continued: entries 697, 698, 699, and 701. Fantail pigeons of various colours from Fred and John Koops.

Boost this toot if you, too, have a long, slender, and soft body

however i'm pretty sure real bacon is significantly cheaper

look, i don't believe most of what i hear in advertising but i do believe dogs think beggin' strips are real bacon

as a millennial i must invent work to justify asking someone to spend time with me

i don't want to prepare the french fries. i just want to walk around smiling mysteriously and knowing i have brought someone a small amount of joy

if money was no object my ideal job is to be that kind soul who puts a single onion ring in your order of french fries

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