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i've cooled on my posting about weird-but-amazing movies in recent years, but god i fucking love Rock & Rule. it's weird eighties cheese, it's arena rock concept album extravagance, it's animation that revels in its own weirdness. also its songs fucking slap. WATCH IT

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My old colleague Victoria has an amazing story on growing up with (justified) paranoia. Who are you really when you perform for a secret audience that may not exist?

this is not my beautiful horse. this is not my beautiful knife

can i buy an off-the-rack suit with a cut intended to make me look like klaus nomi

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the phenomenon of a suit so large and boxy that it looks like you're an 8-year-old dressing up in your dad's clothes, but not large and boxy enough to make you look like david byrne

everyone who's from michigan eventually finds each other on every form of social media

Although the full text has long been lost, it has been possible to reconstruct much of mambos 1-4 using linguistic analysis of the texts that describe so-called "ur-mambos" found in the works of Sappho, Averroes, Herodotus, and Sturluson. (Bega, 1994 'A Little Bit of Plato All Night Long: Reconstructing the Lost Mambos Through Close Reading and Computational Analysis')

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I set the torch to the cracked, dry scrolls within the Library of Alexandria. The fire moves quickly over the kindling of knowledge, and the great tower is quickly choked with smoke and flame.

I walk from the inferno, soot-faced and manage to croak from my paper-dry throat:

"At last, mambos 1-4 are gone forever!!"

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The moral of Pinocchio is if a talking fox invites you to an amusement park, don't go. All they want is to turn you into a donkey so they can sell you for that sweet, sweet donkey money

"Happy Honda Days?" Back in my day it was ALWAYS "Merry Chrystlermas"

Some (reasonably priced) domain name ideas for you:

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