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New pins are in!! Still waiting on the backing cards before sending these out to those who preordered, but hey, they’re here!! (Bookmark to see when they go on sale again! )

( #mastoart #art #pins )

wearing an oversized t-shirt that says "LOVE 2 SIN"

If they can patch movies now, then we can hack them too. Look forward to my all-Margret-Dumont speedrun of Duck Soup.

ALSO ALSO: here's an official seal I did for the Office of Consensus Maintenance, the paranormal research and containment agency where @BestGirlGrace -- er, I mean Dr. Helvetica Scenario works.

(Interested in a commission like this? Get a quote HERE:

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I'm posting a bunch of these at once because BING BANG: I'm doing a 2020 ART DRIVE! Get a new look for the new year, and help me raise enough money to go to Furnal Equinox in March! Again, if you'd like a super cool commission, you can get a quote HERE:

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had strange and vivid dreams that are already fading from my addled brain. merry christmas, it is time to listen to The Gambler

the yule ape will leave you with ruined furniture and a copy of "the gambler." don't try to sneak a peek: the yule ape knows when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em (your bones)

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time to go to bed, kiddies... 🤫 the yule ape is on its way

I also drew Sonic characters as muppets and Michael Caine as Dr. Eggman.

If you were not convinced they are serious individual and collective risks including democracy risks linked to privacy abuses and in particular location tracking, here is some help

i've cooled on my posting about weird-but-amazing movies in recent years, but god i fucking love Rock & Rule. it's weird eighties cheese, it's arena rock concept album extravagance, it's animation that revels in its own weirdness. also its songs fucking slap. WATCH IT

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