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full disclosure: i stole half of this joke from my spouse

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when rich people die, their bodies become the grass. and the antelope eat the grass. and so, that is how trickle-down economics works

the average American priest is forced to make one little escape from the cathedral every day. every donation helps

omg it's furry themed and by Yoh Yoshinari therefore I love it and need it

TVアニメ『BNA ビー・エヌ・エー』第1弾PV via @YouTube

[sitting bolt upright in bed] it's goblin week??!??!?!!?

Some of us are perfectly happy with Celery Man. We don't even need Oyster.

In the #FC2020 Dealers Den at table 10B! I’ve still got merch and commission slots, but head down here NOW cause it’s all GOING FAST!

i am an anglerfish. please dont bring me to the surface. please. i like it here in the darkness, hugged from all sides by immense quantities of water

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i am a snail. my body is also my foot, because the gods wish me terrible ill

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i am an octopus. i am a creature with many arms that are also legs

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