Show more THIS WEEKEND ONLY, take 15% OFF anything in the Iris Jay web store with promo code PAJAMACON2020! And don't forget to tune into Iron Circus Comics's Pajama Con stream, running all weekend as well!

Rehauled my store for the ~ECCC Online~ weekend! Added new prints, restocked pins, and added the Monstrous Love anthology- check it out!

( #pajamacon2020 #eccconline )

white people couldnt have built this without the help of extraterrestrials

Holy shit. Art types; drop what you are doing right NOW. Someone posted all of the Moebius art for Jodorowsky's Dune; someone found one of the actual books they circulated.

EMERALD CITY... IS NOT OCCURRING THIS WEEKEND. But that doesn't mean you can't snag some sweet stuff at the new, improved Iris Jay Shop! Featuring the new zine MONSTROUS LOVE and some other PDFs and merch that I hadn't put up on there yet! WOW!!

This article is sticking in my mind and refuses to leave, I uncover new levels of the absurdity of the human condition each time I reconsider it, this is my L'Etranger, this nameless journalist is my Camus, this is the impetus for my existentialist awakening

NEW COMIC ZINE FOR #ECCC2020! It’s “MONSTROUS LOVE”, 48 pages of monster romance by @korybing , @itsnero and yours truly! Risographed with care by the folks at Paper Press Punch in Seattle! This is definitely one of the prettiest zines I’ve ever been in, dang.

You’ll be able to find these at the Fortuna Media table up in the Artist Alley and at Kory Bing’s table down on the Exhibition Floor! We’ll also be selling them at VANCAF and online!✨

lying down in the leaves and tfing into rich, fertile soil

Microsoft funded gunstar heroes starring rubber hose animated characters so all I'm saying is: I'm available, seven figure offers or higher only.

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roses are red
my stone legs are vast
my works were amazing
but that's in the past

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roses are red
these jokes are corny
what can i say
sorry, i'm horny

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