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Via textfiles on Twitter: The 1977 source for the original ZORK has been recovered from MIT tapes and released on Github.

"Western literature's first talking dog story" sure sounds like the brand of a lotta y'all on here. $1.99 at Melville house.

Incredible, the AI meme generator is way better than I am at making up funny stuff

hyena day #HyenaDay

all the world's a stage, and the show is over. go home. go to bed

"This is why we can't have nice things!" I shout, pointing at the cabinet under the sink where the horrid monkey lives

[sitting bolt upright in bed] elves are on average SHORTER than humans?!?!?!?

Dare mighty things

Engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory developed a ventilator tailored for coronavirus patients in 37 days

My half of a trade I did with @wolfteeth, featuring their character Ozy! Watch out, he's a troublemaker! :demon: 💕

covid-19 shitpost 

tired: Logging on to Mastodon to see what my furry tl is up to

i'm desperately afraid of the big bad wolf. if he blew my house in and saw my ass as i cowered under my bed, nude from the waist down, i don't know what i'd do

Got a fantastic Succor piece in an art trade with @wolfteeth ! So powerful! So scary! So pointy!


every easter, jesus rolls away the stone from his tomb and steps outside. if he sees his shadow, it's six more weeks of winter

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