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anyways, please enjoy local communist kobold bard, Tennessee Ernie 'Bold, singing her heart out on this fine day.

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Free accessibility tips from my wife, a professional UX designer who does a lot of accessibility work:

1. Keep your image descriptions short, simple, and descriptive. Try to limit it to a single tweet-length.

2. Don’t do both alt-text AND a visible image description. This will result in screenreaders reading your caption twice.

3. Use camel case in your hashtags.

Hi, I sometimes make labels for silly products for you to pick up and gawp at / steal in immersive theatre shows.

cis people: how is jamie short for benjamin?

also cis people: polly is short for mary or for dorothy

Another bonus included on the disc was "24 honorable minutes of Power Klingon, featuring the voice of Michael Dorn to use on your audio CD player"

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Language Lab was a bonus program included with the Jonathan Frakes directed Star Trek: Klingon FMV game (Simon & Schuster Interactive, 1996). It's a surprisingly extensive Klingon language tutor:

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please only vote if you are a BIPoC and have experienced persistent harassment on the fediverse

imagine your instance had a feature where your mods and mods from other instances could quickly and easily share block/bans across fedi, to more rapidly and thoroughly respond to toxic behavior, and to combat users who ban evade by switching instances

would you feel overall safer on the fediverse? would you want to use fedi more or more often?

everyone please boost :boost_ok: 🙏

Big fediverse energy coming from this collection of Russian clavichords of the 18th century

The Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality continues to add a lot of great games. They have Celeste now, which is probably the best platformer of all time. Some other favorites of mine include They Bleed Pixels, Super Hexagon, A Short Hike, and Oxenfree. There's also heaps of tabletop games and asset packs for game devs. You need to pick this bundle up, it is the best deal in the history of gaming.

They've raised almost $5M now for BLM-related causes.

Now, updated: #EFF's Surveillance Self-Defense guide for attending a protest. Use it to protect yourself, your devices, your information, and your people. #BlackLivesMatter

david mattingly (illustrator for animorphs among other series/books) has a website showcasing his work, and it is a delight

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