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Art-a-Day #4!

I was so happy drawing this pineapple, you folks have no idea. Just a nice little spinester with aggressively detailed leaves! The scale pattern on these things is a lot more interesting than you realize when you sit down with some reference photos and really study them.


#artober #mastoart #artaday

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it's important when you create a new character to draw that character's pee pee, so you know what it looks like

they say you should dress for the job you want, so i'm wearing a funny little hat, a vest, and nothing else

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i've decided on my career focus. i'm going to be the cute, funny monkey that dances while the organ grinder plays his merry tune

okay, okay, i've finally decided what i'm going to do with my life. i'm going to transform into a funny plastic bird with a hat, that drinks from a glass of water

when the cold weather comes, i know it is time. time for my chihuahua to wear his little shirt

i'm going to buy some pens, any of you need anything?

Two trunks in the sand
Two trunks in the sand
My Visage, My Visage, a sneer of cold command

i am a stereotype of a millennial mostly in that i can't stop buying enamel pins

Feds are using sophisticated electronic surveillance against protesters in Portland. I wrote about how you can protect your Constitutionally protected privacy and freedom of assembly rights against these threats

imagine if you had so much hair, that even each individual hair had hairs! well im afraid birds have already thought of that one

i've made a decision. i'm going to be funky fresh from now on

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