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I hate to say it, but I don't think this is how fries work.

Ok, not a D&D image, but I just feel like posting dragons I've found on Tumblr tonight. Deal with it. #DragonPosting

This one seems to be by F.C. Pape

no matter how much better technology gets somehow i am always watching postage-stamp sized videos

doing an ollie on my skateboard and flashing the "hang loose" sign as the words "regional dialect" appear behind me in a cool neon-colored lettering

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i really like when people pronounce "wolf" as "woof"

remember when computer gaming world had that special investigative issue on Neanderthal computers?

Staying up all night to practice the Cardassian Neck Trick

Emergent behaviour of agents in early text adventure games (The Hobbit, released 1982):

after a friend told me there are people without ridges on the roofs of their mouths, i have to know. do you have ridges on the roof of your mouth

I to Drumbleby’s, and there did talk a great deal about pipes; and did buy a recorder, which I do intend to learn to play on, the sound of it being, of all sounds in the world, most pleasing to me.

I can't believe I'm not making this up: there's an effort afoot to renovate and restore the area around NYC's Penn Station, called the Penn District. Each part of the plan by real estate firm Vornado is given a number: Penn 1, Penn 2, etc.

The centerpiece is a skyscraper whose height will rival the Empire State Building, and unbelievably, it's been given the code number Penn 15.

Eat a puzzle piece a day, one day you shall be solved.

considering all the bullshit going on right now, i'm definitely doing another charity run of trans QVP masks this year. these will be the Mark II model, so: adjustable straps, double layered, etc. all proceeds will go to i'll put up a preorder link soon

flashing images, high contrast 

september 2020: phaedra and clemence work out the AV sync issues in their installation piece, just in time for the gallery (like everything else) to shut down again

This is muppets canon:

Beakie is a bird-like monster with rainbow-colored hair, yellow eyes, and a large, spiky beak. She made her first appearance on The Muppet Show in episode 307, where she performed "You and Me" as a romantic duet with the song's co-writer and original performer, Alice Cooper.

At the conclusion of the number, it was revealed that Beakie was merely the form into which Miss Piggy had been transfigured when she sold her soul to the Devil.

only just realized there was actually a new king kong vs. godzilla movie. i thought you guys were all just really into the 1963 movie

Remember those things at the fair where you throw an oversized baseball at a button and it makes the person in the water tank fall into the water and drown?

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