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NSFW-ish image, bondage, lingerie, mild vampire-related blood 

Good news to everyone who wants:
-Sapphic sex
-Unorthodox kink
-A hot lesbian vampire
-A trans woman topping her girlfriend
-A character with a realistically and lovingly written trans body, including neovagina/vulva
-Feelings about body changes

Love Bite is out NOW on Itchio

This is pretty neat

"Cloud Chamber for the Trees and Sky" is a walk-in camera obscura that looks like a simple stone structure built by druids. A pinhole in the opening projects the tree canopy to the interior


can't wait to go back to coughing right into people's hair and pissing on my hands or whatever we all did before

ABOUT THIS YEAR'S CHARITY: 100% of proceeds from these masks will be donated to Queer The Land, a Seattle-based project that aims to set up transitional and semi-permanent housing co-ops by and for queer BIPOC! Read more about them here!

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THEY'RE BACK. Our wildly popular Trans QVP Masks got an upgrade, and now sport the same tailored fit, dual-layer construction and adjustable ear straps as our regular QVP masks! Only 100 are available, so order now!

living in a hollow log and producing honey for my friends

Making props for the kitchen in my comic and making boxes for store brand cereal

emerging from the earth with the rest of the millennials to crawl up a tree and scream

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just fyi, if you notice any slowdown, it's because i'm purging dead remote accounts/domains from our system db. long overdue tidying up.

Media literacy scholars are increasingly noting that the time-honored skill of critical thinking, taken by itself, is not up to the task of enabling readers to parse through the digital media landscape filled with misinfo/disinfo and other junk information. Paradoxically, engaging with bad information through the lens of critical thinking tends to backfire and further misinforms the reader!

A batch of new media literacy skills are coming to the fore, including lateral reading, the SIFT method, and "critical ignoring."

Here is some more info about this interesting issue:

seems like everyone's always stumbling across magical flutes and harps, but you almost never see a magic oboe

i'm still very fond of toot! but this is nice. feels rare to find a masto/fedi client that has everything i need right out of the box

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i'm trying out the metatext client for ios and it's pretty good! :blobpeek:


Now YOU can read the sexy fantasy heist comic @itsnero and I made in a luxurious full-color book designed by
! I'm still absolutely head over heels with how this story came out, and I'm so excited that it's getting the print job it deserves.

James Wong: "I am forever fascinated by how much the creative pursuit of gardening is not only incredibly constrained by our cultural beliefs, but the extent to which we are totally unaware this is even happening." In Singapore, the exotic must-have plant is...the dandelion

I don't mind dandelions anyway but this gives me a new appreciation for them! @plants #florespondence 🐘 is a very good website, it is so good it makes up for all the non-rad websites i looked at today

skeleton warehouse skeleton warehouse skeleton warehouse skeleton warehouse

fucked up that xray machines aren't called skelevision

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