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if i have learned anything from star trek, it is that in 500 years the most popular hobby is going to be larping

when the moon hits your eye and you fall down and die, that's amore

"as part of their funeral rites for the dead, the ancient peoples of the 21 century would wish death upon an apparently immortal deity name 'Kissinger'"

a thought leader is the first few centimeters of unusable thought used to connect it to the thought takeup reel.

fantasy scenario: a kind man comes to my house and makes me the scary mickey mouse pancake from achewood

making a good film is hard but making howling iii: the marsupials is slightly less hard, and honestly i might like it more

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to all the filmmakers out there: make a good film if you can. but if not please go hog wild

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my idea of what a good movie is has been so grievously twisted over the years that my only demand is that it not be mediocre

everything i have to say artistically has already been said by the film COOL WORLD (1992)

Now that I'm fully vaccinated, I'm going to go to the center for puppetry arts and eat the original Jen puppet from Dark Crystal.

Where I like to be wild :D
(petite illu pour un zine collectif)

*shouts angrily at car that almost hit me in the pedestrian crosswalk* Hey I'm allamaraine here!

Sharing some Sonic comics for his birthday. He's turning 16 again for the 30th year in a row, just like a boozy mom.

It's #AmazonPrimeDay! If you're looking for a comic that scrapes out the disgusting grease trap of tech-driven hypercapitalism AND doesn't cost a cent to read, check out my series CROSSED WIRES at!

and you'll get through in a
JAGGED EDGE Center your machine
DEATH The windiest of cities now features
Tf some super sharp curves. Drive care- WIND II fully

i've had the louis armstrong version of "honeysuckle rose" cycling through my mind for the last four or five days, but it's one of the better songs to get stuck in one's head, so i don't mind

When the jaws open wide
And there's more jaws inside
That's a moray

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