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Looking for recommendations for a news source with as many of these attributes as possible:
* Explicitly left-leaning
* Covers international & US domestic events.
* Not so left that every article is about how some incremental gains don't go far enough.
* Not high energy/emotionally intense (like, I have my own emotions to contend with without also having to parse the authors').
* A weekly roundup format?
* Able to link other people to it.
* Not every piece is 10,000 words long.


Coffman is doing the good work of getting the Nazi-fanboi bullshit out of Wikipedia. She is also getting grief for it. #tw

I with Lord Brouncker (who was this day in an unusual manner merry, I believe with drink), J. Minnes, and W. Pen to Bartholomew-Fair; and there saw the dancing mare again, which, today, I find to act much worse than the other day, she forgetting many things.


run all my errands and sigh at the karens i slam in the back of my toyota

your moment of zen: the berrigan declaration of the rights of the moon

created by 6 primary school children from Berrigan, NSW, Australia, in collaboration with space archaeologist Dr. Alice Gorman

more background and resources:
the grown-up version, not as good tho:


Fellow retro-perverts, i have good news! My CSS style for Mastodon that styles it like Windows 9x is now complete! #userstyle #mastodon #css

i think a lot of people have a kind of nostalgia not because of a lost past but a lost future? like, i was thinking earlier, as a teenager i saw the emerging online music culture, of hundreds of people with their own little websites (blogs i guess) hosting RAR files containing albums that people would submit along with personal notes and pictures and so on, and thought THIS was what the future would be like. i was very excited about sending my music to these blogs for the rest of my life

i've finally made the decision: i'm going to become a monotreme and begin laying leathery eggs and feeding my children milk secreted through my skin

Doing the calculations. It says here... it can't be... I'm a dumbfuck? Well, the numbers don't lie.

the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was putting on a hat and a mustache and pretending he was a different guy

I made a joke about The Mummy reboot last night, followed up by "You know, Brenden Fraser could have been in A Few Good Men or Jerry McGuire, but Tom Cruise couldn't have been in Encino Man or George of the Jungle" and then realized that I do truly believe this.

Toot toot!
“This diagram traces the evolution of the elephant depiction throughout the middle ages up to the age of enlightenment.”

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