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(interview with the vampire)
Vampire #1: we vant you to solve little problem on viteboard
Me: what's the compensation for this role?
Vampire #2: *hisses*

PSA (transphobia meta), please boost 

for the past ~4 days there's been lots of mass harassment of trans people

if you're an instance admin:
- please turn off sign ups, at least until this is over
- keep up with #fediblock

if you're on the list, or just worried:
- lock your account
- in web mastodon:
- preferences -> appearance -> always hide media
- preferences -> notifications -> block DMs from people you don't follow
- in tusky:
- account prefs -> download media previews -> off

The most terrifying thing about the Windows 95 high resolution version of Bubsy? It comes with the 1993 cartoon produced by Taco Bell

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For anyone looking to shift away from social media and back to blogs, but unsure how to discover things to read, I read an interesting post this morning. It is written by someone who developed a discovery engine that spiders a url for other RSS feeds so you can find content that's likely to be of interest without an algorithm. For myself, I've been using newsletters for a similar discovery purpose with good success. I use The Old Reader for RSS stuff (its Google Reader resurrected plus Pocket integration).

Happy 20th anniversary to #Windows XP and almost 20th to this iconic #WindowsXP installation photo! #WinXP (It was yesterday, but...)

My animation for the TVPaint Anniversary contest!

In their lnstagram's stories is happening a poll to decide the two winners.

If you like my animation, please vote for me, and help me win :D

Mine is the animation n° 10
Type "10" as the answer for their stories!

Thank you so much! 💚

#MastoArt #Animation

Fucked up that Jon Arbuckle's cat in the new Garfield movie is another Jon Arbuckle.

[shaking some maracas around] please, please vote, in your local elections

it’s Halloween again, and you know what THAT means: time for the other skeleton I’m buried alongside to dig me up and play my ribcage like a xylophone, using my femurs as mallets, while every other skeleton in the graveyard frolics and dances. I’ll admit this was funny the first time they did it, but now that this is a yearly thing it doesn’t feel very fair

last week i started working on this command line program to represent your computer's filesystem as a text adventure dungeon:

it is still a work in progress but maybe you will enjoy it! i didn't post any executables because i am still actively developing, but building it is really easy. there are instructions on the github page

Happy Halloween! The Society is pleased to share its recording of Norton Greenop's classic banjo composition "Skeleton Dance" as a free, lossless audio download. 💀

:boucherbanjo: :cc: :by: :sa: #fediversemusic #mastomusic #musiciansofmastodon #banjo #creativecommons

a local tree has blown over. a well known local tree has been blown down due to winds, which blew the tree over, snapping it. locals woke up to find the tree, which was well known, had been blown over, due to strong winds. local councilor said that he was devastated by what had happened to the tree: "i'm devastated by what has happened to the tree". a team with specialist equipment is now onsite and the tree is currently being turned into wood chips

also, please remember the skeleton warehouse will be closed tomorrow

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